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Proposed agenada

prepared and proposed by PP-CZ

Initial agenda should be proposed by Board and send out with an invitation. Some timeline should be added.

1. Opening

  1. Appointing chair and others
  2. Establishing quorum (Remaining Ordinary members, i.e. those who paid)
  3. Agenda disscusion

2. Accounts and reports

3. Membership fee requests

Requests to delay or relieve of Memebersip fees

On request of the concerned Ordinary Member party the Council may allow them under special circumstances with a 2/3-majority of the votes cast to delay their annual contribution for up to one year or relieve them of the payment or a part of it. The member party concerned may not vote on such a decision.

  1. Separate sub points for each request

4. Member applications

Decision on the membership of new applicants.

New member application

    1. separate subsubpoint for each application
    1. new separate subsubpoint for each application

5. Budget and financing

  1. Budget proposal (Board, Treasurer)

6. Statutes changes

7. Manifesto changes

Manifest changes

  1. points and subpoints

8. Board elections

Board Elections

    1. nominiees
    1. nominees
    1. nominees
    1. nominees

9. Other items

Other items (policy papers, resolutions and guidelines)

  1. Travel reimbursements for delegates additionaly to travel reimbursement through the visitors' group
  2. points and subpoints
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