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Participants of Council meeting

The Council shall consist of delegates representing Ordinary Members, Pirate Group in the European Parliament and the Young Pirates of Europe (YPE) determined according to the Rules for the allocation of delegates and votes.
Non-voting representatives of Observer members and Non-Voting-Delegates from Ordinary Members, and Members of the Board may participate as well.

Council meetings are normally open to the public unless the Council itself decides otherwise for all or part of its proceedings.2)

All delegates must present written authorization from the Member they are representing, unless they are designated International Coordinator or equivalent on their Member official website or are a Member themselves. Each person may represent as a delegate no more than 2 Members.3)

Delegates of voting members

Abbriv. Name Votes4)/
Delegates Note
PP-AT Piratenpartei Österreichs 1/2 Peter Grassberger
Juliana Okropiridse
PP-BE Parti Pirate/Piratenpartij 1/2
PP-HR Piratska Stranka 1/2
PP-CZ Česká pirátská strana 2/2 František Kopřiva
Alexandr Mansurov
PP-EE Eesti Piraadipartei 1/2
PP-FI Piraattipuolue 1/2 Joonas Mäkinen
Mira Salmela
PP-FR Parti Pirate 1/2
PP-DE Piratenpartei Deutschland 4/4 Alexander Spieß
Jens Stomber
Gregory Engels
Thomas Gaul
PP-GR Κόμμα Πειρατών Ελλάδας 1/2
PP-IS Píratar 2/2
PP-IT Partito Pirata 1/2
PP-LU Piratepartei Lëtzebuerg 2/2
PP-NL Piratenpartij 1/2
PP-NO Piratpartiet 1/2
PP-PL Polska Partia Piratów 1/2
PP-RO Partidul Pirat 1/2
PP-CAT Pirates de Catalunya 1/2 Muriel Rovira Esteva
Moises Carrasco
PP-ES Confederación Pirata 1/2
Piratpartiet 1/2 Josef Olsson Collentine
Fabian Rosdalen
PP-CH Piratenpartei Schweiz 1/2
YPE Young Pirates of Europe 2/4 Kajsa Larsson
Paula Roth
PP-SL Piratska stranka Slovenije (1/2) Nina Konvalinka International Coordinator

Representatives of Observer members

Abbriv. Name Representatives Note
PPJP Pirate Party Japan Rio Nishiyama


Abbriv. Name Representatives Note
PPEU Board Chair: Amelia Andersdotter
Vice Chairs:
Martina Pöser
Maxime Rouquet
Treasurer: Radek Pietron
Additional Board Members:
Gilles Bordelais
Paul Bossu
Cristian Bulumac
Anders Kleppe
Antonios Motakis
were there any resignations?
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