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Items for 2015 Council meeting

Items with Separate pages

Fees Easement

Member applications

Statutes and Manifesto changes

Board elections

Other Items

Approval of accounts and reports

Part of each annual Council meeting should be some approving of reports and accounts and evaluating of Board's work.

Debate on the future of the organisation

Debate on the future of the organisation based on OneYearReport.

Do we need the organisation at this point? Do we need an AISBL? To start the debate, we will hear the activity report by the Board and their explanation as to why no AISBL was registered until now.


Council should approve the budget for next year prepared by Board.

Ordinary Online meeting for statutes changes

Proposal: (PP-CZ)

The Council tasks the Board to call and organize Ordinary online meeting of the Council within 3 months. Statutes changes should be main topic on the agenda of that meeting.


It is impossible to discuss in detail so many changes of the Statutes, as are on table right now. We should postpone them and discuss in detail later, on separate and focused meeting.

Travel reimbursements

Travel reimbursements for delegates additionaly to travel reimbursement through the visitors' group

European Solidarity with Greece

Proposed by PP-DE

May the Council of the European Pirate Party decide the following declaration:

European Solidarity with Greece

The European Pirates call on the EU to take immediate effective measures to counter the political, economic and social crisis in Greece.

The European Council must not be guided more by the narrow national interests of member countries. He must finally act in the interest of all members, to meet his European responsibilities.

The EU Commission has the responsibility to devise a European investment program for Greece that can be acted upon without red tape and can take effect immidiately.

The ECB must deliver on their commitment to ensure the liquidity of the Greek economy and the Greek people.

The common european economy must serve the vital interests of all people in the EU. It's in a union of states not about to take all decisions centrally in Brussels - or Berlin.

European solidarity requires no centralism, but, also more in times of need, a common network for democratic self-determination, economic development and social security in all over the EU.

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