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Paolo Didonè aka „Dido“

Personal Background

Italian living in Paris. Consultant en systèmes d'information for a French company Professionally among other things, he was in the team of the first and the most massive migration to Free Software in Italy (FUSS project, province of Bolzano)

Activism and political hacking

Activist for Free Software from the very beginning (one of the first commitments: the Campaign against Software Patents) During the period in which he was President of the Italian association for Free Software (“Associazione Software Libero”),

  • they won a legal battle against the Italian Ministry of Interior because it had not included Open Source Software in a public tender.
  • they have successfully repeated several times the “Dear Candidate.” campaign (“Caro Candidato”) making the candidates take public position in favour of Free Software.
  • they helped Consip (an Italian government agency) to introduce Free Software offers in acquisitions for Public Administration
  • they have entered into agreements with the Ministry of Education for the introduction of Free Software in teaching in schools.
  • he was in dozens of conferences and debates throughout Italy, in festivals, Free Software initiatives, universities and radio and TV broadcasts.

Normal life

After a few years of pause in which he devoted to the sea and the, photography, since a couple of years he moved to Paris and returned to work in computer science.

Now he is a Pirate. (@dido on Twitter)



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