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Proposal to relieve 2018 Membership fees


“In accordance with Art. 13 (7) of the Statutes, Council relieves all Ordinary Members of the membership fees for year 2018, and thus the financial commitments of all members have been fulfilled for that year. PPEU members that have paid membership fees in 2018 can freely decide whether they consider the payment a contribution to PPEU or if the fees paid should be considered a pre-paid membership fee(s). Such decision for this and all pevious such payments must be announced to the board till the beginning of next Council meeting.”


In 2018, the Councile relived everyone of the the previous payment1). There are supposedly no information on who paid theit 2018 fees2), so to start to really start with clean slate, this decision should follow.



Article 13 – Membership Fees

(7) (…) On request of the concerned Ordinary Member party the Council may allow them under special circumstances with a 2/3-majority of the votes cast to delay their annual contribution for up to one year or relieve them of the payment or a part of it. The member party concerned may not vote on such a decision.


  • First of all, chair schould ask if anyone does not reguest to be relieved of their 2018 fee. Those who do not, should be put in the minutes.
  • Second, there should be procedural motion to dealt with this for all just by one vote. If anybody objects, we would go for vote, if somebody objects, we should do postal vote for each member separatelly.
  • Thirdly, somobedy can hold a wiew, that as nobody paid in 2018? nobody can vote acording to Art. 13 (6) of the Statutes, so only MEP delegation and YPE will vote on this.
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