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PPEU 8th Council Meeting
June 5th, 2021

List of International delegates.:

 Wiki \\\\
  Veronika Murzynová (PP-CZ) - ordinary member\\
  Carlota Jover (PP-CAT)- ordinary member\\
  Sven Clement (PP-LU) - ordinary member\\
  Thomas Gaul (Piraten Potsdam) - observer member\\
  Francesco Macchia (Pirati) - observer member\\
  William Thanoothong Svendsen (PP-NO) - ordinary member\\
  Matti Brandt, Henrik Passmark (PP-SE and PP-IS) - ordinary member\\
  PeterTheOne, Desertrold (ppAT) - ordinary member\\
  Matěj Bělohoubek (YPE) - ordinary member\\
  Jens Stomber, Gregory Engels (PP-DE) - ordinary member\\
  Michale Sinclair (PP-Bavaria) - observer member\\

Issued tokens for:

  PP-CZ (6 votes)\\
  MEPs (2 votes)\\
  PP-SE (1 vote)\\
  PP-LU (2 votes)\\
  PP-AT (1 vote)\\
  PP-CAT (1 vote)\\
  PP-IS (3 votes)\\
  YPE (2 votes)\\
  PP-DE (2 votes)\\


11.10 - Budget 2021 midterm
11.30 - Motions from members
12.00 - Election for vacant position for CoCC
12.45 - Conference on the future of Europe,
13.30 - Lunch break
14.00 - Financial regulation (
14.30 - PPI relations
15.00 - Relations with Greens/EFA
15.30 - PPEU logo
16.00 - Closing the meeting

Voting system
Provided by Dario (PP-CAT)

Meeting opened at 11:00 by Mikuláš.

Orga-team is introduced by Mikuláš, none objected.

Agenda will be now explained by Mikuláš, asking now to PP-AT Desertold objecting the election of CoCC in the agenda.
Desertold is preseting art. 13 of PPEU Statutes where it says that CoCC elections has to be held at the same of PPEU board's election.
Mikuláš is intepreting this that we should also have the same rules for replacing a member.
Mikuláš would like to Council to vote on this.
Desertold is stating that CoCC is an independent body so he means there is no connection of rules of procedures. < I stated the CoCC has it's own RoP
Mikuláš remembes to anyone that unfortunately we cannot amend today Statutes due to lack of time, so it has to be taken into account for future meetings.
Katla and Sven are arguing, supporting the PPEU board intepretation.
Desertold just wants to remind that this is about Rules of Procedure and we don't need to do it now.
Matti is pointing out that candidates should be nominated a month prior to the election day.
Mikuláš would like to propose a vote to have this point on the agenda or not.
About voting system, Desertold is asking for a test vote, that will be done for sure.
Bastian is asking if Assemblea is opend to everyone or not.
Dario is explaining the casting vote system and the whole process.

Mikuláš proposes now to have the test vote: none objected to we start the test vote.
Dario is showing the procedure.
Testing vote is now on; “Pineapple on pizza? (N)“
Results here shortly. Vote is closed now.

Here is the result

  PP-LU: yay 2\\
  PP-SE: idk 1\\
  PP-CZ: yay 6\\
  PP-IS: nay 3\\
  MEPs: yay 2\\
  PP-DE: yay 2\\
  PP-AT: yay 1\\
  PP-CAT: nay 1\\
  YPE: yay 2.0\\

Yes: 15
No: 4
Abstain: 1

(So PPEU has officially a bad taste regarding Pizza)

In case of results will be wrong, we could modify single votes on demand from the minute (not modifying it from Assemblea).
Corrections should be asked immediatly or vote will be consider valid anyway.

Before officially vote, we need to set up votes for this council.

Membership overview for 2021: right now no member payed fees for 2021.

Proposal regarding payment of annual fees.
The board proposes suspending 2021 payment of membership fees until the second council meeting of 2021.
All members that made payments for 2020 membership have voting rights during this council meeting, June 5th 2021.

Peter from PPAT: did all member be informed before?
Bastian is asking that everything was in invoices for 2021.

Council will vote now on this.

The board proposes suspending 2021 payment of membership fees until the second council meeting of 2021.
All members that made payments for 2020 membership have voting rights during this council meeting, June 5th 2021.


  PP-LU: yes 2.0\\
  PP-IS: yes 3.0\\
  PP-AT: yes 1.0\\
  MEPs: yes 2.0\\
  PP-CZ: yes 6.0\\
  PP-CAT: yes 1.0\\
  PP-SE: yes 1.0\\
  PP-DE: yes 2.0\\
  YPE: yes 2.0\\

Motion passed. We have 20 votes, so we have a valid quorum.

Proposal for chairing the meeting: Mikuláš and Katla.
Sven asking about procedure: if there is no objection we could not vote.
Sven is proposing to accept the proposal without a vote if there is no objections.
Motion passed unanimously.

Vote on the agenda:
Peter from PPAT: does it include CoCC member election?

Mikuláš is proposing to vote on specific item:

- Should we include CoCC member election in the agenda? (YES/NO/ABS)

  PP-IS abstain 3.0
  PP-CAT abstain 1.0
  PP-CZ yes 6.0
  MEPs yes 2.0
  PP-LU yes 2.0
  PP-DE abstain 2.0
  PP-SE no 1.0
  YPE yes 2.0
  PP-AT no 1.0

Yes: 12
No: 2
Abstain: 6

Motion passed.

Motion: vote to approve the agenda as presented before

  PP-CAT yes 1.0\\
  PP-DE yes 2.0\\
  PP-SE yes 1.0\\
  MEPs yes 2.0\\
  PP-CZ yes 6.0\\
  PP-LU yes 2.0\\
  YPE yes 2.0\\
  PP-IS yes 3.0\\
  PP-AT abstain 1.0\\

Yes: 19
No: 0
Abstain: 1

Motion passed

1. Budget 2021 midterm

Treasurer in charge made a budget proposal for 2021
Sven is pointing out that if we want to be a recogonised as PPEU party we need to be aware of the current EU regulation about budget. Bastian is answering that for the future we need to change our budgeting system.
Budget 2021:

Mikuláš is informing the Council that PP-FR will formally not participate to this meeting because of the presence of someone in the council.
Nobody is raising anythiing.

2. Any other motions from the members

Sven is asking if we have to put on a formal motion or not about the mandate to be recognised as PPEU political party.
Henrik is generally supporting the idea, but is there a dedicated point later on the agenda?

Mikuláš is pointing out that all needed Statutes changes were already done last November.

Here it is a source of knowledge:

Regulation regarding EU political parties:

Motion 1: The Council encourages the Board to proceed to initiate admission of new observer members by letting Council members vote through an appropriate and secure voting mechanism when needed. (PP-LU/Sven Clement)

Motion 2: The Council invites the Board to create a taskforce to find and approach potential observer members in order to fulfill the conditions for registration as a european political party. (PP-LU/Sven Clement)

Mikuláš agreed with Sven that we should try to register it anyway and then wait for the result and accordingly.

We are now voting on motion 1 and 2.

Motion 1
The Council encourages the Board to proceed to initiate admission of new observer members by letting Council members vote through an appropriate and secure voting mechanism when needed. (PP-LU/Sven Clement)
Motion 2
The Council invites the Board to create a taskforce to find and approach potential observer members in order to fulfill the conditions for registration as a european political party. (PP-LU/Sven Clement)

Motion 1

PP-IS abstain 3.0
PP-LU yes 2.0
PP-SE yes 1.0
PP-CAT yes1.0
MEPs yes2.0
PP-DE yes2.0
PP-AT yes1.0
PP-CZ yes 6.0
YPE abstain 2.0

Yes: 15
No: 0
Abstain: 5

PP-IS delegate is pointing out that PPIS abstains on both motions. A new voting token has been issued for PP-IS delegate as the first token may be compromised.

Motion 2

PP-SE yes 1.0
PP-LU yes 2.0
PP-CZ yes 6.0
PP-AT yes 1.0
PP-IS no 3.0
MEPs yes 2.0
PP-DE yes 2.0
PP-CAT yes 1.0
YPE abstain 2.0

Yes 15.0 =75.0%
No 3.0 =15.0%
Abstain 2.0 =10.0%

Motion passed

BREAK TIME NOW until 13:00 (5 mins)

Now Katla is chairing.
Mikuláš would like to reopen the nominations from CoCC elections.
Due to lack of nominations, CoCC election won't take place today. CoCC will remain with two members until next election.
Mikuláš is speaking now about Conference on the future of Europe,
There was an online tool created, serving to collect proposal from EU citizens.
There should be also an Assembly Meeting, MEPs are trying to push Pirates there and if everything will go in the right way Markéta will have a seat on it.
Conference here:
Mikuláš would like to propose it here:

Desertold is asking if in the meantime people are remembering to vote on the budget.
Katla would like to follow the current topic and postpone vote on budget later.

The idea is that there should be 40/50 seats and a common constituency but with such higher threshold that Pirates will be cut off.
But having this Constituency issue with PPEU run, we will be able to participate into EU elections even where it's now very difficult, like in France.

After a discussion here about the draft, what should we do here (Peter is asking)?

This a draft proposal from our MEPs: Mikuláš is telling that if this document will be approved by PPEU CM it would be a powerful thing.

Katla would like to postpone vote here about the above draft and vote for budget now.
No objection raised.

So Katla is asking now Bastian if the midterm budget is just a document or we need to vote it.
The chair added that she “doesn't know what is right” and doesn't “fucking matter” (direct quote)
Alessandro is poiting out that last CM we did approve the budget for 2021 (

Approving the midterm 2021 budget as provided before

PP-CAT abstain 1.0
PP-LU yes2.0
PP-AT no 1.0
PP-SE yes1.0
PP-DE yes2.0
MEPs yes 2.0
PP-CZ yes 6.0
PP-IS abstain 3.0
YPE yes 2.0

Yes15.0 75.0%
No 1.0 5.0%
Abstain 4.0 20.0%

Motion passed

Meeting is on lunch time now until 14:30 CEST.

Meeting reopened at 14:32, chaired by Katla.
Matti would like to propose an amendement

“That the final vote on the PIRATE PRIORITIES FOR THE CONFERENCE ON THE FUTURE OF EUROPE is tabled and voted on at a later point”

About voting on the document, we can agree on having a draft on vote here.
Sven is asking maybe to move the topic on a transnational list instead of a consituency. PP-LU is in favour of qualifing majority.
Matti doesn't believe they have mandate to do so on behalf of PPSE.

Final vote on the PIRATE PRIORITIES FOR THE CONFERENCE ON THE FUTURE OF EUROPE is tabled and voted on at a later point”

YPE is missing

  PP-CZ abstain 6.0\\ 
  PP-LU yes 2.0\\ 
  PP-CAT yes 1.0\\ 
  PP-SE yes 1.0\\ 
  PP-AT abstain 1.0\\ 
  MEPs yes 2.0\\ 
  PP-DE yes 2.0\\ 
  PP-IS yes 3.0\\ 

Yes 11
No 0
Abstain 7

Vote of MEPs are 2 votes YES

Motion passed

Mikuláš suggests PPSE to keep in contact with PPEU board on this topic, in order to improve the final version - PPSE confirmed this

It's not necessary now to vote on the text today as it is. PPSE and all other members that would like to amend the final draft to be voted.

PeterTheOne (ppAT) proposes that this will be not left only to the MEP´s … there should be also consedered a feedback from the council.
The Council can give it to the board.
Mab is considering that only allowed delegates can propose amendements.

The council approves this draft text to be foundation for further work


YPE yes 2.0
PP-IS yes 3.0
PP-AT yes 1.0
PP-DE yes 2.0
PP-LU yes 2.0
PP-CAT yes 1.0
PP-CZ yes 6.0
MEPs yes 2.0
PP-SE: abstain 1.0

Yes: 20 100%
No: 0 0%

Motion passed

5. Financial Regulation Act

Alessandro reports on financial regulation.
First: Thx for participation und work done
Statutes are very clear how the members are obligated to contribute
Alessandro points out that the budget dicussion is a political choice
Alessandro also is insisting that donation and budget are two different things
actual situation says (Statutes) that if member not paying their membership fees they have no right to vote. So Alessandro reduced with the member treasures the amount to make it more easier no be in the voting list. None the less Alessandro proposes to change this procedure to be more inclusive
PP-FR is against accepting donation from companies
more Info can be found here:

Bastian (PP-DE) points out: was is written down in the pad mainly already is worded in the statutes.
Also: Budget is a “wish” - Financial regulation is something fix.
Regarding the donation issue: we could fix the donation issue but as we are publishing anyway all donations he do not know if this necessary.
Regarding Long Term Budget: This makes sence if we are a big party… but at the moment ?

Mikulas (MEP) points out: “The treasurer should be responsible to:” (line 26) …. a personally responsability for the treasure is not wishfull.

Exile proposes: The council approves this draft text to be foundation for further work .. would this be an agreement ?

Bastian (PP-DE): There is no need to act like super urgent on this issue.

There will be vote on the text on the next council probably in November, no vote today. The text presented today should be foundation for the further work.

Bastian has a procedural motion: to adopt immediatly section 3.
Mab reminds the CM that only PPEU official delegates can issue procedural motion.
Katla is wondering if anyone is taking care of this procedural motion.
This procedural motion is now rejected and we're moving on next topic.

6. PPI relations
Keith (Pirates Israel - and PPI Board member) is now speaking. Political restrictions are globally quiet often, Europa is in a rather comfortable situation but this political freedom is important, do not forget about it.
It's really important to stand united and decentralised our organisation globally. First layer solution is PPI as now, second level solution could be a real global organisation of individuals.
Matti (PP-SE) is pointing out: Sweden Pirate Party is not member of PPI, neither is Island.
Katla is asking if we are currently preparing to vote on PPEU entering in PPI as a member.

Dealing the issue if European Pirates should join PPI (as observer member):
Bastian is pointing out that if PPEU would be member of PPI it will help PPEU to deal with GDPR compliance.
Desertrold is remembering that only Countries can be Ordinary member, but PPEU can be Observer Member.

Gregory (PPI Vice Chair & PP-DE) is clearifying … we are talking only about observer membership in PPI (and adds PPI is already observer member in PP-EU).
It would be easier in many ways if PPEU would be also a member of PPI, so if it has to table by PPEU member or the board is not confident enouth, PPDE would table a motion to PPEU apply as Observer Member.
Deadline for application is tonight (for next PPI GA)
Mikuláš (PP-CZ) is supporting that there will be a motion today about this.
Due to the fact that some PPEU members are not in PPI, Mikuláš is asking if this can be acceptable for all us PPEU members.
Bastian is asking for delegates bringing the motion to the table.
Katla insists that motion please written to the secretary.
Matti is saying that we don't have to hurry up: also asking for clear path of PPEU application into PPI.

Desertrold is tabling a motion.
Peter is considering that if PPEU becomes member of PPI, obbligations are for PPEU, not for single members.

Desertrold writes down that

2) Observer Members have the right to

  a) sit in the General Assembly but with no voting right, 
  b) nominate candidates for any body of the association, and \\ \\ 
  c) submit motions to the General Assembly.\\ 

Mikuláš is considering that is in PPEU interest to raise up European politics at a worldwide level.

The council is asking the board to apply for observer membership of PP-EU in Pirate Parties International.

PP-AT yes 1.0
PP-CZ yes 6.0
MEPs yes 2.0
PP-IS no 3.0
PP-SE no 1.0 PP-CAT yes 1.0
PP-DE yes 2.0

YPE yes 2.0

Yes: 14 (77.78%)
No: 4 (22.22%)
Abstain: 0 (0.0%)

Motion passed

15 mins break now until 16:20 CEST

Mikuláš presents Greens/EFA Relationship with us in the European Parlament.
Statues of EFA/Greens are saying.. members (and creators) are Greens and European Free Alliance.
Pirates nether formed part as party … pirates are only included on individual basis.
After 12 years forming somehow part it would be time to introduce us as party … for this we would need the wish of the European Pirates to start the negotiation.
Therefore Mikuláš is asking for the mandate herewith…

Exile is wondering if we could make this as a kind of working group.
Mikuláš totally agrees on it - but Greens are insisting in having real life meeting.. so this will take place in Brussels.
Also because we need to cooperate and being in touch with local PPEUs member.


Council nominates Sven Clement (PPLU) and Mikuláš Peksa (PPCZ) to represent European Pirate Party in the negotiation between Greens/EFA and Pirates.


PP-AT yes 1.0
PP-CAT yes 1.0
PP-DE yes 2.0
PP-SE yes 1.0
MEPs yes 2.0
PP-CZ yes 6.0
PP-IS yes 3.0
YPE yes 2.0
PP-LU is missing

Yes 18 100.0%
No 0 0.0%
Abstain 0 0.0%

Motion passed.

7. PPEU logo

Mikuláš: We should register our logo to be officially ours - in a legal way.
Bastian: Offer for 190 Euros…. he had a look to this already… the proposal from the media group would be the next step… afterwords European Pirates have to agree
Desertrold: Question…. we are againts copyright and now we are closing our own logo with this kind of tools ?
Mikuláš: would rather prefer to speak about Trademark … and not about copyright legislation
Bastian is insisting: Registering is necessary… we need to defend us from Abuse
Mikuláš asking: we agreed a budget this morning… there is included the registration cost …. so, why we are talking about a mandate to the media group for elaborating a proposal ? (Exile done so)
Michael is asking about the registration scope
Mikuláš doesn''t know technical details: it has to be issue to the lawyer
Matti is a bit confused: which logo will be registered? And for what exact reason?
Mikuláš is telling that this is the logo

Motion A:
The Council mandates the European Pirates Board to take care of the registration of the PPEU logo.

Motion: B:
European Pirates are kindly asking their members to display the logo of PPEU on their respective web pages.

YPE are missing

Motion A
PP-AT no 1.0
PP-DE yes 2.0
PP-CAT yes 1.0
PP-CZ yes 6.0
PP-SE no 1.0
MEPs yes 2.0
PP-IS no 3.0

Yes 11.0 = 68.75%
No 5.0 = 31.25%
Abstain = 0 =0.0%

Motion passed

Motion B
PP-SE yes 1.0
PP-CZ yes 6.0
PP-AT yes 1.0
MEPs yes 2.0
PP-IS yes 3.0
PP-DE yes 2.0
PP-CAT yes 1.0

Yes 16 =100.0%
No 0 =0.0%
Abstain 0 =0.0%

Motion passed

Report from Marco (CoCC)
Wikipage was opened first thing after being elected.
Reports are published there.
Regarding the current issue a pre-report is published, but the process is not closed yet:

Report on the activities of the Code of Conduct Council

Shortly after its election, the CoCC opened its Wiki page, reachable at the following address:
The CoCC began to work on its Rules of Procedure to provide a frame and some guidelines for people who wanted to submit a case. At the same time, we realized that a general investigation on the extent of harassment inside the PPEU community was required. As soon as the Rules of Procedure were finalized, we launched the investigation on March, 7th.
The results were approved and published on the wiki on May, 31st:
Apart from the reports and complaints already listed in the general investigation, an additional individual complaint was received by the CoCC.
The individual complaints have not be treated yet as the activities of the CoCC were mostly concentrated on producing the preliminary report, but will begin to be processed soon.
Although a preliminary report was produced, the general investigation is not closed yet, as the CoCC would like to investigate thoroughly some specific cases.

For the CoCC,
Etienne, Marco

Katla is asking: any other business ?
Gregory is willing to spread the world about ECI “Freedom to Share”

Meeting closed at: 17:25 CEST

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