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Cédric Levieux

In my daily life, I'm a software architect on data management and workflow process. But during the night, I'm a Pirate. And during the elections too, since ten years. I ran into several elections in the Past, was the second of Florie in the European Elections of 2019, dealing with the French media, as far it was possible at our level, distinguished us from the other small parties. We were proud to run this election “alone” on behalf of the Pirates in a place where the ballots are paid by the candidates. It's not easy, but as far as we know, we survive and time to time our advices may be listen. And we were also proud because we were working at the European level as a whole group.

I'm living in a rural zone in France where my link to other Pirates is Internet, and, as far as I know, Internet is the thing that links us all. That's why the tools and the possibilities to speak togother offered by Internet is a gift to our ideal of democracy. And to make this democracy living in the first place we need to explore it, to understand it. It's what we try to do in France, and that's what I what to bring with me in the PPEU. The will to share, to discuss between european Pirates is rising and I'll be very pleased to support the needed technical, informational adn even statutory changes to permit that. If I can participate anywhere on France at the same level as any other Pirate in the PPFR, I think that every European Pirate can participate at a democratic level anywhere from Europe. And I want this to become the reality for us all.

And for what matters, I speak French, English and Spanish.

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