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Florie Marie is a member of the French Pirate Party since 2017. As member of the party leadership since 2018, she was the head of the list for the Pirate Party during the last European election. Florie participated to the redaction of the current status of PPFR. She is currently councillor for public relations (membre du conseil des relations publiques) and vice-chair of the European Pirate Party.

Florie is a specialist in the issue of democracy (voting systems, electoral law, political landscape, etc.). As such, she regularly publishes blog articles on the website of Médiapart (online newspaper). She is regularly live on Twitch to talk about the status of other political parties or to analyse the political actualities. She draws her expertise from her professional experience (campaign manager, chief of staff). She is now working in the private sector.

Florie is committed to having political institutions that allow women and minorities to express themselves freely without having to endure remarks. Her experience with sexism in the political world has strengthened her desire to create safe political spaces and to show that anyone can get involved in politics without fear of having to hear comments about their gender, their appearance, and just being there to discuss politics.

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