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Jan Mareš

Hi there! My name is Jan Mareš and I have been an active Pirate for 4 years now. As a scholar of Central European history (who makes a living selling old Czech cars to Germans, but let’s not get hung up on the details) it is only natural that I serve my party as a coordinator for all things German and also as a volunteer in the PPEU Board.

My vision for the PPEU is that of a functional and registered European party with a small but professional and dedicated staff that will facilitate our communication and integration across a great many Pirate parties in Europe. In the last year, we have made some great strides towards this goal and I would love to see it finished. My other goal would be to get the newly founded „Policy Coordination Group“ working, which unfortunately I wasn’t able to do so far, due to lack of interest of many national parties and due to unclear goal setting on my part. It is absolutely crucial, especially now that the PPCZ is a junior government party, as sometimes it will co-author decisions that might conflict with other member parties’ views.

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