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Petr Kocourek

I come from Heřmaničky in Central Bohemia. I currently work and half live in France as a statistician for the European Banking Authority, where I am involved in bank supervision and long-term data analysis strategy. Previously, I worked as a payment systems data analyst for the European Central Bank or as an economist in Bosch (Romania). I spent 5 years in Canada (Toronto and Newfoundland), where I also studied Economics and Mathematics and worked as a statistician for the provincial government. I also lived in Germany for a few years, where I studied Mathematics and Philosophy (and before that, at Charles University in Prague).

At PPEU, I would like to focus on developing cross-border cooperation and building an infrastructure for knowledge and experience exchange. As my first step, I will try to prepare a register of people interested in cooperation and topics they would either like to participate in or are looking for people to get involved with experience from other pirate parties.

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