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-//see also [[https://​​wiki/​YPE_Conference_Brussels|YPE Conference Brussels]]//​+//see also [[https://​​wiki/​YPE_Conference_Brussels|YPE Conference Brussels]] and the [[https://​​fahrplan/​YEEA2014/​index.en.html|YEEA Program]]//
 **European Pirates Conference** is supposed to take place on 20, 21 and 22th March 2014. **European Pirates Conference** is supposed to take place on 20, 21 and 22th March 2014.
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 Visitors group will come and accomodation will be organized for these people as well. Visitors group will come and accomodation will be organized for these people as well.
 +===== Panels definition =====
 +These are definitions of all of the 8 panels that will take place during the PPEU Conference. We have already a possibility to have a liquid lobbying - advocacy group speech there and it should be fitted somewhere.
 +  * **Future of the data protection in Europe**
 +    * //What was actually done since July 2013 when it comes to data protection? What are the biggest threats coming? What should be done in order to have our data safe? How does the Snowden'​s conclusion changed the world? How does the current effort of Intelligence Agencies affect the combat against terrorism? How safe we are?//
 +  * **Progress of the European Copyright reform**
 +    * //What was done in recent months when it comes to the copyright? How can we benefit from the copyright reform and what it can bring? How is can be related to the TTIP negotiations?​ How should we act in order to harmonize European legal documents on copyright and how to propose this reform.//
 +  * **Protecting Net neutrality in a polarized world**
 +    * //Who is attacking Net Neutrality as a concept? How to avoid these attacks and how to identify them? Who is supporting the concept of Net neutrality and who is on our side. What is the position of BEREC, statements of BEREC (should they be also invited to the conference?​) What might be the consequences when Net neutrality will be breach - stage by stage. How the multi-tiered Internet can by used in early stages by companies and in late stages by governments against people?//
 +  * **Surveillance in the digital and real world**
 +    * //Are the online surveillance models going to be used in the real world? What is the future of drone usage? Will these deliver goods or will they deliver bombs? Can be these drones used for surveillance of individuals without any notice? What is the legal framework related to drones in general?//
 +  * **Civil liberties in online environment - Internet bill of rights**
 +    * //Do we have civil liberties on the internet? Why are these liberties so important? What are the current obstacles that block us from implementing this concept in reality? How would the world change if this is implemented?//​
 +  * **Cyber war vs. net peace**
 +    * //Are we currently facing a cyber war? What can be the solution and how to stop this cyber-war as soon as possible? How do the Intelligence Agencies participate on this cyber war? Or the terrorists or organized crime? How should we reform our law to achieve net peace?//
 +  * **Open source**
 +    * //Is open source a success story or a failiure? How does the open source see current Europe and the current reform of copyright law? Is open source political or ideological?//​
 +  * **Open access**
 +    * //??//
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