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Dear colleagues,

I hereby invite you to the first preparatory meeting of the upcoming Council meeting #PPEUCM22, which will be held on 22.-23.01.2022.

The meeting will be held on 08.12.2021 at 20:00 on the Jitsi of PP-CZ, room

Since no requests came in, the #PPEUCM22 will most likely be held as an online-only event on the Jitsi of the PP-CZ.

Here is my checklist for preparation.

In addition, we need helpers to staff the chair.

The structure is already mapped on the PPEU wiki:

Nominations for the Board and CoCC must be received by 12/21/2021, as well as motions to amend the statutes.

See you on Dec. 08th.

Stay healthy!

Bastian Treasurer PPEU

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