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 ====== European Pirates logo and corporate image ====== ====== European Pirates logo and corporate image ======
-The call and regulation to select a logo and a corporate image for the European Pirates can be found [[ logo:​regulation |here]].+==== Call for proposals ====
-The proposals ​from which the pirates will choose their logo can be found [[ logo:top6 |here]].+The deadline for sending new proposals ​finished on the 31st of December of 2013
 +Full regulations of the call can be found [[ logo:​regulation |in this link]].
 +The finally selected design will be used by the newly created Pan-European party. Its designer will get promotional exposure through the network of social accounts that the Pirates will provide. The author'​s name and website (provided it portrays their work, not political content) will be shared to a combined audience of more than 300.000 on Facebook, Twitter and other sites.
 +==== Selected proposals ====
 +As agreed by the European pirate parties gathered at Warsaw, [[ logo:top6 |the six submitted proposals that best comply with technical criteria]] have been selected by a committee of professional creatives.  ​
 +On the following weeks, the European pirates will have to deliberate and choose its three favourite proposals among this list.
 +==== Results ====
 +Pirate Parties that intend to be Founding Members of the European Pirates have been already deciding their preferences regarding the logo and corporate image.
 +See their decisions [[logo:​results|here]].
 +==== Logo files ====
 +Although the European Pirates design and communication responsibles may develop the favourited logo to improve it and to have a range of versions suitable for a number of situations, temporarily [[logo:​files|you can find here a few of these versions]].
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