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-We are proud to announce that the process to select the Logo and Corporate Identity of the European Pirates ​is open. This is a call to designers from all over Europe that want to showcase their creative talent.+====== ​European Pirates ​logo and corporate image ======
-Proposals can be sent starting now and until the 31st of December. Regulations can be found after these lines. The selected design will not only be used by the newly created Pan-European party, but its designer will also get promotional exposure through a network of social accounts that the Pirates will provide. The author'​s name and website (provided it portrays their work, not political content) will be shared to a combined audience of more than 300.000 on Facebook, Twitter and other sites.+==== Call for proposals ====
-Below you can find the set of rules that will apply for the selection process.+The deadline ​for sending new proposals finished on the 31st of December of 2013
-For further information, ​the organisers ​can be found at: \\ +Full regulations of the call can be found [[ logo:regulation ​|in this link]].
 +The finally selected design will be used by the newly created Pan-European party. Its designer will get promotional exposure through the network of social accounts that the Pirates will provide. The author'​s name and website (provided it portrays their work, not political content) will be shared to a combined audience of more than 300.000 on Facebook, Twitter and other sites.
 +==== Selected proposals ====
 +As agreed by the European pirate parties gathered at Warsaw, [[ logo:top6 |the six submitted proposals that best comply with technical criteria]] have been selected by a committee of professional creatives.  ​
-====== CALL FOR EUROPEAN PIRATES LOGO AND CORPORATE IDENTITY ======+On the following weeks, the European pirates will have to deliberate and choose its three favourite proposals among this list.
 +==== Results ====
-The European ​pirate parties gathered at the Warsaw conference, agreed +Pirate Parties that intend to be Founding Members of the European ​Pirates have been already deciding their preferences regarding ​the logo and corporate ​image.
-on the convenience of designating a committee of professional +
-creatives that organised a selection process for the logo and +
-corporate ​identity of the European Pirates.+
 +See their decisions [[logo:​results|here]].
 +==== Logo files ====
-===== REGULATION ===== +Although ​the European Pirates ​design ​and communication responsibles may develop ​the favourited ​logo (proposal A) to improve it and to have range of versions suitable ​for a number ​of situationstemporarily ​[[logo:files|you can find here a few of these versions]].
- +
- +
-The parties that intend to found the European Pirates ​organise ​and +
-call for proposals for the European Pirates ​logo and corporate +
-identity selection process. +
- +
-Entering the process is free and open to individuals of any nationality. +
- +
-==== Requirements:​ ==== +
- +
-Logo and corporate identity proposals must include in some way the +
-[[http://​​wiki/​File:​Piratpartiet.svg | original pirate party logo]]: a P-shaped ship sail. The concept of Europe +
-must also be present. The creative interpretation of this concept is flexible. That is: not limited to the stars or a map. +
- +
-Submitted logos must include the name of the party and allow the +
-adaptation to any of its legal forms, acronyms and translations +
-(European Pirates, European Pirate Party, PIRATES, and PPEU)+
- +
-It is advised ​to use a ratio between 1,5 * 1 and 1 * 1,5. +
- +
-Vectorial files of every logo version must be included in the +
-submission, as well as a JPG version 300 pixels wide. +
- +
-Adaptation ​to different names, along with general use, must be +
-explained in corporate identity manual. It is required to present a +
-colour version and a black and white one, both including negative +
-options. If necessary, a complementary version for small-support situations will also be included. The manual will also specify safety margins and examples ​of correct vs. incorrect uses of the logo. +
- +
-The manual will explain how to use the whole corporate identity in +
-physical and digital supports (letters, websites, etc). +
- +
-Included typographies must be freely accessible and legally usable, +
-without financial costs or need for attribution. +
- +
-Documents that will be taken into account during the voting process +
-are: 300 pixels wide JPG version ​of the logo and the PDF corporate +
-identity manual. +
- +
-Designers have to submit their proposals to  +
-**pirates-logo{{:​tal.png?​nolink&​10|}}**. +
- +
-==== Selection: ==== +
- +
-A committee formed by international creatives will pre-select 5 logos +
-(6 if a tie is reached) that fulfil the technical requirementsare +
-creatively interesting and better represent the [[statutes:manifesto|values ​of the European +
- +
-The members of this committee are not allowed to submit their own proposals. +
- +
-The parties that intend to found the European Pirates will assess the +
-pre-selected proposals and decide their preference internally. Their +
-votes will be made official at the European Pirates Founding +
-Conference in Brussels (March 2014). +
- +
-==== Deadlines: ==== +
- +
-The submission deadline is December 31 2013. However, it is highly +
-recommended to submit proposals before December 15. That way, the +
-creative committee will assess the submissions and prepare +
-recommendations so that participating designers can improve their +
-proposals before the deadline. +
- +
-==== Legal: ==== +
- +
-By taking part in the selection process, designers refuse financial +
-compensation. They sign over the rights of public communication,​ +
-direct and indirect reproduction,​ distribution and transformation to +
-European Pirates for the use of the work in every communication mode +
-and in any network, for an unlimited period of time. Designers also +
-state that they are the only authors of the submitted work and any +
-pre-existing content has been used with an appropriate permission. +
- +
-The organisers decline any responsibility in case of bad or no +
-reception of the contents, for any reason, as well as in case of +
-Internet or email malfunctions that hider the correct development of +
-the process. +
- +
-The organisers the right to modify or even cancel the selection +
-process without notice in the case of force majeure that prevents the +
-purposes of the process from being reached. This includes own and +
-external technical problems. Likewise, the organisers reserve the +
-right to modify, after notification,​ the present process regulation +
-and to settle, to their best judgement, any situation not provided in +
-the present regulation. +
- +
-Participation in the selection process implies full acceptance of the +
-present regulation.+