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@tvelocity | Antonios Motakis Tony
@marou_pp | Maxime Rouquet Max
@Popol349 | Paul Bossu
@AndersPirat | Anders Kleppe from 21:30 CEST not on voice.


@Gilles_PPDE | Gilles Bordelais Gilles


@Radeks00 | Radek P.

@LunaLoof | Martina Pöser (on leave)
@teirdes | Amelia Andersdotter (resigned)
@CristianBulumac | Cristian Bulumac (resigned)


@Thomas1G | Thomas Gaul PP-DE

TOP 0 Formalities

Maxime is opening the meeting at 21:.14 CEST.

Chairperson: Maxime

Minutes (Secretary): Tony and Paul

Approval of the minutes of the last Board meeting:

The minutes of last Board meeting of June 29th :
→ The Board approves the content of the minutes. There are formatting problems, but it does not prevent the approval for tonight.

Approval of the agenda:

The Board approves the agenda.


TOP 1 Update on Council and other meetings
TOP 2 Board TODO-list for the meeting
TOP 3 Other items
TOP 4 Next Board meeting

TOP 1 Update on Council and other meetings

* Delegates and other information are online Delegates nominated by members who are not up to date of their membership fees paiment have been put online by Gilles, but with a mention that their nomination is not valid.

Thomas reminds that PP-DE has paid 1200€ in 2014 in advance, and that every PP is still a member until the 2nd Council meeting where it has not paid its membership fee, if this Council does not change the Statutes clause that says the members is considered as resigning member. Each nomination ought to stay valid even up front of the council meeting. Not publishing candidates would discriminate the not mentioned nominees.

At the moment all nominations are valid. There is no strong argument to discriminate against the member's rights before the council meeting. During the council meeting the Council may discuss and decide about the status of members who, at that date, will still not have paid their fee.

* The agenda on the pad prepared by Tony still has to be put online :

* Agenda approved by the Board :

FRIDAY (4 hours):

      1. Opening of the meeting (16:00)
  a. Appoint 1 chairperson, 2 secretaries, 2 vote counters
  b. Establishing quorum (16:10)
  c. Adopt rules of procedure & agenda (16:15)
      2. Membership fee requests (delay, partial or total relievance) (16:20)
      3. New members presentation & admission
  a. Ordinary Member : Pirate Party of Slovenia (Presentation 16:30, vote 16:40)
  b. Observer Member : Pirate Party of Japan (Presentation 16:45, vote 16:55)
      4. Discussion & vote - Future of the organisation (17:00)
      5. Discussion & vote - Statutes amendments (18:00)


  1. Remaining points of Friday, if there are (10:00)
  2. Approval of accounts and reports (11:00)
  3. Board elections (14:00)
  4. Travel reimbursments (16:00)
  5. Other items (16:30)

It is still possible to submit amendments to this agenda, so we will prepare until next week the final agenda. Tony will put the provisional online on the website and Thomas Gaul proposes to also put it on the wiki.

: Wiki:

* Items left from the 2014 Brussels meeting (Observer Members)

As discussed in the last Board meeting:

We have not the documentation of the organisations that applied to the statute of Observer Member during the founding conference. We need the observer members to contact the board to ask us to submit their application this time to the Council meeting.

Maxime volunteers to send a message on the international pirate mailing-lists that they need to send again another observer membership application for this year. There is no deadline apart from the Council meeting, but the sooner will be the better.

Maxime will also prepare a text to post on PPEU website, and Tony will put it online.

TOP 2 Board TODO-list for the meeting

There are contributions for the One year report
  Maxime has compiled the AISBL decision timeline: \\

We need to compile these into a draft report for the Council meeting. Anders volunteers to edit those into a report we can discuss in the next Board meeting.

The Board reminds that there has been no money collected or spent by them from the 2014 Founding conference to 2015 June. Then there has been membership fees collected on a Triodos account managed by Gilles, under supervision of the treasurer Radek. We ask them to prepare a report on budget and accounting for this period, and send it as soon as possible. We have no detail about the money collected prior to the Founding Conference, but have clues that Pirate Party of Sweden and Germany might have sent money at that time.

Thomas advises to prepare a team of volunteers to animate the meeting in advance. We will ask Mab if he has already some pirates who have volunteered. (Chair, minute takers, vote tabulators.)

The problem of potential false delegates is raised. It is proposed to publish the name of the delegates during the meeting. If false delegates were to take part into the vote, their vote would be canceled afterwards. Delegate names will be published in advance of the meeting if received in advance.

TOP 3 Other Items

No other item tonight.

TOP 4 Next Board meeting

The Board will convene again on the 2015/07/13 at 21.00 CEST on the German NRW Mumble server in room PPEU.

Maxime closes the meeting at 22:22 CEST on the 2015/07/06.

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