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First meeting of PPEU board 2015-2016

Meeting started at 13:06 Attendees: Smári, Sven, Mab, Nina, Tale, Tony, Mikuláš, Muriel


* Introductions (name and superpower – we have bios in an older pad)

Taking stock of the situation

  1. What do we have, what do we need?
  2. Formal registration
    1. We're almost there, but we're going to scrap everything and register in Luxembourg.
    2. Mab is running a task force for doing statute change proposals. (Mab, Toni, Vojtek, Stefan, Sven)
    3. Two iterations online before the online council meeting (aiming for September)
    4. Sven is tasked with completing the formal registration
    5. Tale is going to set up a Doodle for the online council meeting date
  3. Bank account
    1. There is a bank account, Sven is managing the creation of a new account in Luxembourg
    2. Sven will take over the current account from Gilles (Triodos account in BXL)
  4. Current funds status
    1. See Wiki, but we need a better overview (€4200 is current estimate)
    2. Sven is going to set up proper accounting as soon as possible
    3. €1200 got wired to Amelia's account in 2014, need to figure out where they are (probably spent to pay for the founding session)
  5. Membership
    1. Slovenia got added
    2. Japan became an observer member
    3. Deadline for paying membership fee postponed until we send formal invoices, which we can do after we have a formal organisation/juridical person
    4. Members that have paid need receipts
  6. Infrastructure
    1. Website, Wiki (
    2. Server controlled by group of MEPs?
    3. Mailing lists
    4. Tony will contact the PPI mailing list responsible and ask them to put the new board on the ppeu-board mailing list until we get our own mailing list(s)
  7. Website
    1. See the bullet point “ Access controls to website, etc” (line 38)
  8. Email addresses
    1. will be done after the domain has been properly handed over
  9. Access controls to website, etc
    1. Gilles controls website currently
    2. Bastian controls other website
    3. (controlled by UK Pirates)
    4. Mailing list is controlled by PPI
    5. Facebook page, under our control
  10. Next three months
    1. Formal move to LU, project proposals platform, bank account, infrastructure control, etc.
    2. Push members to start projects
    3. Do an assessment of the status of the different parties around the continent, get contact people, etc.
    4. New statutes
    5. First online council meeting
    6. Someone go to the PPDE GA next weekend (Würzburg, Bavaria, 25.-26. July) – Tony, maybe joined by Muriel. Mikulaš may also join.
    7. Dig up what the former board (almost) did
    8. E-mail to the council delegates with thank you-stuff
    9. Formal E-mail to all the member parties with the results of the council meeting

Specific ideas for improvement

  1. Improvements to website
  2. The Wiki is a mess
  3. Common asset store for promotional materials, etc (file server with tagging)
  4. Wasa2il instance for voting
  5. Set up a donations scheme
  6. Set up a shop selling merchandise
  7. Project platform (Pads, Mailing-Lists, …)

Method from PPIS

  1. Work is organized into working groups,
  2. anybody can found a working group,
  3. new working groups need to be announced publicly
  4. a working group must have a name, stated purpose, and defined deliverable
  5. anybody can join a working group,
  6. working groups exist until it is no longer needed

Homework assignments

  1. Smári: Set up wasa2il when we have a server
  2. Tale: Set up doodle for online meeting. Make a pad for the statement to PPDE GA.
  3. Muriel: Administrate mailing lists, when they're up
  4. Sven: Get accounting & bank account up and running, work on the statutes
  5. Mab: Draft schedule for online council meeting
  6. Antonios: Clone wiki and move to better Wiki software; other techie stuff. Set up mailing lists. Will message PPI to subscribe the new board to the board MLs
  7. Nina: Party status assessment; election calendar
  8. Mikuláš: Find the list of members generated by PP-DE. Ensure Vojtěch will do RoP for online meeting. Help Nina with election calendar.

Next board meeting:

  Sunday early evening, 17.00, PPEU-room on the PP-NRW Mumble

Meeting adjourned at 14:17 CEST.

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