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Meeting of the PPEU board 12.12.2018, 20:30h CET (19:30 h UTC)
NEW BOARDMEMBERS!! Statutes are here:

FYI: Members of the Board (for use as template)
C: Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
VC: Mikulás Peksa (PP-CZ)
VC: Salvör Kristjana (PP-IS)
BM: Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-FR)
BM: Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PPIS)
BM: Antonios Motakis (PP-GR)
BM: Ernst Spitaler (PP-AT)
BM: Magnus Andersson (PP-SE)
BM: Peter Freitag (PP-LU)

Who is responsible for what (allocation/roles):
See chart:
See chart:
Mailing Lists:
News CEEP:

1. Minutes of the Meeting

Meeting opened at 20:37 CET by Markéta
Meeting chaired by: Markéta
Secretary for this meeting: everyone
Recording started: ??:??

1.1. - Participants

C: Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
VC:Salvör Kristjana Gissurardóttir (PP-IS)
BM: Magnus Andersson (PP-SE)
BM: Antigone (Gabrielle Nereuil PP-FR)
BM: Tony / Antonios Motakis (PP-GR)

1.2. - Excused
Mikuláš (first 30 minutes)
Oktavía (first 30 minutes)

1.3. - not excused

1.4. - Guests
Thomas Gaul
Koen De Voegt
Etienne Evellin
Jens Stomber

1.5. - PAD:

Approval of the Council Meeting minutes: Needed for the update of the Board to the Authorities in LU.
YES: Markéta Gregorová, Salvör Kristjana Gissurardóttir, Antigone, Magnus, Tony

RoP= not existing until now

Task for the Board: Until the next meeting, the board members shall read the proposal (and make comment). A vote will take place during the next meeting.


- A brief resume of the discussion of the GA in introduction

  • 1. Invoices for 2018 and Budget 2019 (Treasurer, 20 minutes)
  • Gilles still have complete control on the account (he discovered it last week). Gilles suggest to transfer the full money to the regular account of the PPEU and then just close the old account.
  • The board decides to transfer the money in the Brussel's bank account to the new transparent bank account in the Fio bank in the Czech republic and asks the people in charge of these accounts to proceed with this matter as soon as possible.
  • YES: Peter,Antigone, Markéta, Magnus, Tony, Salvör
  • NO:
  • The decision has been accepted.*
  • Markéta will send e-mail an official e-mail with this decision and what we want from Gilles.
  Peter should make invoices for the membership fees 2018. \\ 
  • Budget 2019: We need to discuss first aims before we set up a budget.
  • We will have a look at the one proposed in Reykjavík and a presentation of Oktavia (?)
  • The budget will be discussed for the next meeting.
  • 2. Responsibilities, working of the board (Everyone, 30 minutes)
  • Task for Mikuláš: to discuss with Bastian the technical neccessitites and what need to be done.
  • Task for everyone: to volunteer for some task and eventually add some task they want to undertake during 2019
  • Mikulas suggest the set-up of a working group on legislative coordination on an EU-level to share the load and to spread awareness of our stance in the matter.
  • 3. Administrative and technical necessities - mailing lists, accesses (Everyone, 30 minutes)
  • formal and informal lines of communication
  • You can add yourself to any of these mailing lists: \\ \\ 
  • 4. bis - The painful question of the fees 2014-2017 ? (or maybe later and not for a first meeting)
  • Motion by PP-CZ PP-IS passed and solved the question.
  • Just as remember:
  • Proposal for waiving of memberships fees from the years 2014-2017.
  • Council agrees that the membership fees accumulated in 2014-2017 will be waived, and thus the financial commitments of all members have been fulfilled for those years. The reasoning for waiving fees is inactivity and absence of a transparent PPEU account. If a member wants to pay membership fees voluntarily, it will be considered a contribution and will not be hindered.

PPEU members that have paid membership fees in the 2014-2017 period can freely decide whether they consider previous payments a contribution to PPEU or if the fees paid should be considered a pre-paid membership fee(s).
Reasoning: PPEU hasn't been registered nor had a transparent bank account until 2018. We consider it reasonable to not collect back fees from PPEU members.

- We need to know which PP had already paid some fees
- Which PP would consider it as a contribution for the PPEU or as a Pre-Paid Fees
- All the membership payed in the past has been documented

Markéta and Peter will send an e-mail informing the Council about this motion separately and question, whether they already paid, confirm how much ( and if they want it to be considered pre-paid membership or a donation. And about the 2018 and 2019 invoices and if people are capable of paying-

Qs: Should we send invoices for 2018 AND 2019 at once?
- Tony: if we want to have a Council meeting soon, then yes, because of the rules
- Magnus: We should send information to all the members regarding fees as soon as posible so that it can be incorporated into each members budgets. The information should contain an explanation that we are finally working as an organisation and that we intend to be moving forward, but to be efficient we need to have some funds to be helpful during the European elections.

5. Next Board and Council meeting (Chairperson, 15 minutes)

  • Board:
  • Hard to find a date convenient for every of us.
  • So w will create a doodle to fix a date.
  • It is already possible to already say in the pad wich day or time in the week is not possible.
  • Antigone - not available on tuesday
  • Tony - never available on Thursdays
  • Peter - available mostly after 20:30

Council: Several problems:

  1) fees \\ 
  2) deadlines \\ 
  3) nominations a re-election of the board \\ 
  4) then a date that suits most people (online/in Luxembourg?) \\ 

6. Organisation of the Meeting about the CEEP 2019 in February/March 2019 ? (15 mn about the purpose of the meeting) : just a Council Meeting or a larger Meeting ?

Proposal for the next real live meeting of CEEP working groups
The German international team and with this the German council members suggest the following:

In follow up of the meeting in Barcelona there will be a final meeting of the working groups for the CEEP 2019 end of January.

Possible Dates: 19./20. or 26./27. January 2019.

Berlin offers to organize such a meeting and a conference location.

Short reasoning:
A CEEP 2019 needs to be finalised according the processes we have had up to the CEEP 2014 and before accepted a Council meeting of the PPEU in early 2019.

Best regards
On behalf of the German Council members and the international team of PPDE Thomas

Magnus: The deadline is set, 20th December, anyone should make any changes before this date. Markéta: We don't really need this meeting in my opinion.

7. External communication, public statement and PR (OhJ)

  • recent events
  • previous communication strategy of the board
  • Will be postponed to the next meeting, as Oktavía is not present.

8. Any other business (AOB)

Etienne: Suggesting Meeting in Strasbourg in February, Saturday afternoon to Monday with visit in the Parliament. Markéta: I like this idea, but can you please send it to the e-mail of the board?


Next meeting: Will be decided by Doodle.

Meeting closed 23:25 hrs CET by Markéta

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