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Code of Conduct Council Meeting, November 1st 2021

Present Members

  • Etienne
  • Marco

Meeting opened at 16:00 CET


  1. Approval of the last individual report
  2. Planning General Report
  3. Annual report

1. Approval of the last individual report

The last individual report is approved unanimously.

Marco is charged to send the report to whom it may concern.

Yes: Etienne, Marco
No: -
Abstain: -

2. Planning General Report

The General Report will be divided in 5 parts :

  1. Oktavia / Thomas Situation
  2. Internal conflict
  3. Moderation
  4. Communication issues
  5. Conclusion and solution

Interviews invitation will be sent to :

  • Oktavia
  • Thomas
  • The board

3. Annual report

An annual report will be written for the next Council Meeting. It will summarize the work of the CoCC for 2021.

The report will be published for the Council Meeting in November 2021.


Meeting closed at 17:00 CET

The minutes were approved by all the CoCC members

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