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Calling the Board

Procedure for calling member of PPEU Board and announcing the meeting in proper way.

One week prior the Board meeting

1. Prepare an invitation including

  • Date and time (do not forget about summer/winter time and the timezones]
  • Link to the meeting
  • Link to the streaming
  • Link to the minutes

2. Send the invitation to

3. Create a ticket for the meeting in Media project in Gitlab labeled

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Web

4. Copy the invitation to the Gitlab

One hour prior the Board meeting

1. Collect proposals for the agenda points

2. Verify that person responsible for streaming will be available and has the technical means (access to YouTube)

The day after the Board meeting

1. Upload minutes of the meeting to Wiki.

2. Mark the time of next meeting to calendar.

3. Upload stream from the meeting to Nextcloud.

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