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Proposals on the Topic "Energy Policy" for the CEEP


Energy Policy

A functional European internal market for energy must be geared to security of supply, resource protection, consumer benefits and competitiveness. The yet incomplete structure of the existing EU-internal energy market ought to be adjusted to the challenges Europe faces in the sectors of energy and climate protection. PIRATES advocate decentralized integration of the energy market in the European Union, favoring a wide range of small and medium-sized energy providers. Only a decentralized energy market can guarantee affordable and stable energy supply for households and businesses; hence PIRATES lobby for net-neutrality within the European energy infrastructure. Independent, consumer-friendly, energy networks will lead the way to break up the actual oligopolistic structures of the European energy market and strengthen the rights of consumers.

PIRATES defend the agreed climate goals of the EU. Successful reduction of global warming gases will only be possible with a mix of energy efficiency, an improved system for emissions trading at the European level, and strong support for renewable energy. We favor stronger cooperation and joint investments into the European energy infrastructure. State-subsidies for fossil or nuclear energy, including legal liability waivers for nuclear power plants, are counterproductive to the changes we want to happen; they inhibit a climate friendly and largely self-sufficient energy supply in Europe.

PIRATES demand the abolishment of all subsidies and aid in favor of any fossil or nuclear energy-production. Transparent pricing and disclosure of the mix of energy sources is a prerequisite for a functional, consumer-controlled energy market. Only then, European consumers can take informed decisions what and where to buy - according to their individual preferences.

PIRATES demand a mandatory and European-wide commitment of the energy suppliers to present the relevant data barrier-free. In the implementation process of the European internal energy market, state of the art, net-supported technologies ( SmartGrid ) will play a key role. Admittedly, the detailed documentation of individual energy use does involve a certain risk of abuse. Hence, highest data safety standards must be respected.

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