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 +===== PP-CAT: =====
 + G) Legal Guarantee for Anonymous, Pseudonymous and Autonymous Access to Network Services (further discussion/​clarification necessary)
 +Do you want to rule out the possibility that a private internet group requires participants to disclose their name/​identity?​ May need some additional clarification if this is not the case and, if it is the case, then we forsee that it might be polemic among our bases/not ratified in the end, so we would recommend removing it.
 +===== PP-SE: =====
 +1.7.4 Free, Legally-Binding Digital Signatures and E-Mail Encryption for Everyone Needs to be rephrased if we want to keep it. I would suggest that you get in touch with our MEP Amelia who is currently working on the EU legislation on this. 
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