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   *Abolishment of software and life–forms patents ​   *Abolishment of software and life–forms patents ​
 +===== PP-CAT: =====
 + H) Degradation of Private Monopolies and Opening Markets (additional points proposed for the PPDE draft)
 +* The EU and other industrialised countries should not force (e.g. at the occasion of the negotiation of trade agreements) less developed countries to accept IP provisions that are likely to be detrimental to the essential needs of health, education and development opportunities. They should not bully countries either that lawfully use the safeguards of existing agreements for public health or any other objectives (e.g. compulsory licenses of medicines).
 +* We oppose the frequent abuses of patent privileges, such as evergreening practices (introducing spurious changes to medicines with expiring patent protection),​ paying for delay (to pay a compensation to a generic producer in order to delay the marketing of a potential generic competitor, the consequent reduction in the price of the medicine).
 +* We support the establishmet and funding of alternatives to monopolistic incentives to pharmaceutical innovation (patents, test data protection),​ such as those that delink the reward of the innovation from the price of the product (prizes, health innovation funds, patent pools, international treaty for biomedical research, etc)
 +===== PP-SE: =====
 +1.11, 1.12 & 1.13 agricultural policy, social policy and economic and financial policy Remove everything on agricultural policy, social policy and economic and financial policy. ​
 + Trade Agreements Between Trading Partners With Huge Economic Disparities remove paragraph
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