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<form> Action mail Thanks “Thanks for partecipating! See you in Rome 17-18 November ;)”

Fieldset “Registration Data” Textbox “First Name” Textbox “Last Name” email “Your E-Mail Address” select “Pirate Party” “Choose|PP-AT|PP-BE|PP-BG|PP-CAT|PP-CH|PP-CY|PP-CZ|PP-DE|PP-DK|PP-EE|PP-ES|PP-FI|PP-FR|PP-GAL|PP-GR|PP-HR|PP-HU|PP-IE|PP-IT|PP-LU|PP-LV|PP-MT|PP-NL|PP-NO|PP-PO|PP-PT|PP-RO|PP-SE|PP-SI|PP-SK|PP-UK” static “Some static text that could be an agreement” select “I am Official delegate” “Choose|Yes|No”

select “Try to accomodate me.” “Choose|Yes, I really need|No, I can find a place” textarea “Notes” !

Fieldset “Funding” Textbox “I apply for sponsoring of (€):” ! Textbox “I want to sponsor another pirate with (€):” ! static “By participating in the sponsoring contact scheme, you authorise us to give your contact email address to another participating pirate that matches your amount.”

submit “Submit Query” </form>

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