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Save in the cases provided for in Articles 8, 12 and 20 of the Law of 27 June 1921, the meeting may legitimately consider items not announced on the agenda, provided that all members of the Council are present and/or represented and so agree at the meeting by a simple majority vote.

The Council may validly decide to dissolve the association or amend the statutes only in accordance with the provisions of Articles 8 and 20 of the Law of 27 June 1921.

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The board consists of 1 Chairman 1 Treasurer 1 General Secretary.

Internal Regulations may be adopted by the Board to regulate its procedure and the tasks of its members. If Internal Regulations are adopted, they shall be sent to all the members. If Internal Regulations of the Board conflict with the Statutes, the Statutes shall prevail.

For the purposes of certain actions and duties or everyday management functions, the Board may transfer its powers to one or more members of the Board or even another person, who may or may not be a member of the Association. The Board will have the faculty of special delegate. The powers of the said person(s) shall be defined precisely by the Board; the Board may at any time revoke these powers with immediate effect.

Any appointment, resignation or dismissal of a member of the Board must be deposited with the registry of the commercial court and published in the Annex to the Belgian State Gazette.

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The main focus of this function is to supervise the budget and the accounts and to exercise financial control. All payments are made by the Treasurer or the person authorized to make payments.

The Treasurer will initiate legal ways to enlarge the financial means of the Association.

The Treasurer, and in his absence the Chairman or his Substitute, shall be empowered to accept, either provisionally or definitively, the gifts made to the Association and to complete all formalities necessary in order to acquire them.

The Treasurer will initiate, monitor and publish financial protocols to ensure openness and transparency. The Treasurer shall report to the Council once every three months.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for accounting requirements and control of donations, as described in Articles 6 - 10 of Regulation (EC) No 2004/2003 and other relevant legislation.

The Treasurer, together with the Secretary-General, is responsible for the grant application to the European Parliament and the implementation and execution of the financial rules.

The Treasurer shall comply as fully as possible with the regulations referred to in section (X) irrespective of whether the Association is regarded as a political party at European level by the EU.

The Treasurer shall also:

  • be responsible for the budget and the accounts of the Association. These shall be presented to the Board, the Ordinary and Associate Member Parties' Treasurers and the Council;
  • determine the yearly membership fees and present this proposal to the Board, the Ordinary and Associate Member Parties' Treasurers and the Council;
  • prepare the budget follow-up four times a year and inform the Board and the Council;
  • supervise joint project budgets with the Pirates in the European Parliament and the Member Parties;

follow-up on financial rules, e.g. reimbursements, criteria for membership fees, to be adopted by the Board or the Council;

  • present expenses to the Board and the Council for decision, if necessary;
  • monitor the financial developments, protocols and financial transparency in the Member Parties;
  • where possible develop new sources of income.

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Pirate chamber

A separate chamber of individual pirates from at least one quarter of EU member countries has to be convened for all proper creation of political programme. Excluded is the identification process of policies based on exisiting programmes of Ordinary or Associate members.

This chamber has to be convened in case paneuropean elections replace national elections latest nine months after enty to force. It may replace the Council entirely.

In other scenarios of paneuropean elections this chamber coexists with the Council as the sole political policy maker.

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