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In the course of the recent meetings and discussions the statutes document has already progressed a lot, so that it becomes necessary to facilitate a proper text work environment.

The feature set is placed between piratepad and lqfb and was created to serve specific conditions in the context of the statutes development. It may be helpful in other scenarios, too.

Piratepad with inline commenting, simple line numbers and coloring of the author does not facilitate textual collaboration in large crowds. It is very well suited for smaller work groups and small texts, but large number of comments or discussions quickly destroy readability and usability of the original document for a new participant.

LQFB is a voting environment with little to no textual work support. Although suggestions can be made, the initiator may remain the bottelneck and guard of the document.

So the attempt is to provide an environment, in which the

  • readibility of the original document remains undisturbed even with hundreds of comments
  • ticket system can assign ownership of parts to different people
  • unique labels are given to semantic units instead of line numbers
  • labels do not alter during the course of the document's lifetime
  • colours are assigne according to text status, and not authors (e.g. new, edited, approved, legal requirement, or other custom states)
  • parts of the documents can be hidden by the reader (collapse / expand)
  • list of tickets (which correspond to inline comments in piratepad and suggestions in lqfb) could be displayed for each semantic unit separately.
  • it is not required to create different documents for unique labelling (although in this particular we chose to do so) Everything could be in one location


  • There is a lot of space within the collapsibles, which I would like to reduce.
  • I want to place the labels on the left of the text.
  • I need to figure out how to display something meaningful in the report, not only the tickets table
  • Right now there is less text visible than in piratepad, which is a big no-go, but that can be handled

Currently we distinguish the following:

  • Approved statements are displayed in black on white
  • <color red/lightgrey>new statements are displayed in red on light grey</color>
  • <color green/lightgrey>modified parts are green on light grey</color>
  • <color grey/white>deleted statements have a strike through in grey on white</color>
  • <color darkblue/white>non negotiables (e.g. for legal reasons) are dark blue on white</color>
  • <color black/lightgrey>statemens borrowed from other organizations are black on light grey</color>


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<embed .:generalprovisions></embed>

<hidden onHidden=“Write a ticket for General Provisions ⇲” onVisible=“Write a ticket for General Provisions ⇱”>



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<hidden onHidden=“Membership ⇲” onVisible=“Membership ⇱” initialState=“visible”> <embed .:membership></embed> <hidden onHidden=“Write a ticket for Membership ⇲” onVisible=“Write a ticket for Membership ⇱”> product=Me10|display=form </hidden> <hidden onHidden=“Read tickets for Membership ⇲” onVisible=“Read tickets for Membership ⇱”> product=Me10|status=all|severity=all|display=issues|view=10 </hidden> </hidden>

<hidden onHidden=“Organs ⇲” onVisible=“Organs ⇱” initialState=“visible”> <embed .:organs></embed> <hidden onHidden=“Write a ticket for Organs ⇲” onVisible=“Write a ticket for Organs ⇱”> product=Cr10|display=form </hidden> <hidden onHidden=“Read tickets for Organs ⇲” onVisible=“Read tickets for Organs ⇱”> product=Or10|status=all|severity=all|display=issues|view=10 </hidden> </hidden>

<hidden onHidden=“Decision making ⇲” onVisible=“Decision making ⇱” initialState=“visible”> <embed .:decisionmaking></embed> <hidden onHidden=“Write a ticket for Decision making ⇲” onVisible=“Write a ticket for Decision making ⇱”> product=De10|display=form </hidden> <hidden onHidden=“Read tickets for Decision making ⇲” onVisible=“Read tickets for Decision making ⇱”> product=all|status=all|severity=all|display=issues|view=10 </hidden> </hidden>

<hidden onHidden=“Finances ⇲” onVisible=“Finances ⇱” initialState=“visible”> <embed .:finances></embed> <hidden onHidden=“Write a ticket for Finances ⇲” onVisible=“Write a ticket for Finances ⇱”> product=F10|display=form </hidden> <hidden onHidden=“Read tickets for Finances ⇲” onVisible=“Read tickets for General Finances ⇱”> product=all|status=all|severity=all|display=issues|view=10 </hidden> </hidden>

<hidden onHidden=“Modifications ⇲” onVisible=“Modifications ⇱” initialState=“visible”> <embed .:modifications></embed> <hidden onHidden=“Write a ticket for Modifications ⇲” onVisible=“Write a ticket for Modifications ⇱”> product=Mo10|display=form </hidden> <hidden onHidden=“Read tickets for Modifications ⇲” onVisible=“Read tickets for Modifications ⇱”> product=all|status=all|severity=all|display=issues|view=10 </hidden> </hidden>

<hidden onHidden=“Duration, dissolution, transition ⇲” onVisible=“Duration, dissolution, transition ⇱” initialState=“visible”> <embed .:duration></embed> <hidden onHidden=“Write a ticket for Duration, dissolution, transition ⇲” onVisible=“Write a ticket for Duration, dissolution, transition ⇱”> product=Du10|display=form </hidden> <hidden onHidden=“Read tickets for Duration ⇲” onVisible=“Read tickets for Duration ⇱”> product=all|status=all|severity=all|display=issues|view=10 </hidden> </hidden>

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