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-======Exact Legal Criteria for the Formation of a Political Party at EU Level====== 
-  * It must have legal personality in the Member State in which its seat is located. 
-  * It must observe the founding principles of the European Union, namely the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law. 
-  * It must have participated,​ or intend to participate,​ in elections to the European Parliament. 
-  * It must have in at least one quarter of the Member States, one or both of the following: 
-  - Either it must have received at least 3% of the votes cast in each of those Member States at the most recent European Parliament elections. 
-  - Or it must already be represented by Members, whether Members of the European Parliament for those states, or Members of the national Parliaments of those states, or Members of the regional Parliaments of those states, or Members of the regional Assemblies of those states. 
-  * It must publish its revenue and expenditure annually. 
-  * It must publish a statement of its assets and liabilities annually. 
-  * It must provide a list of its donors and their donations exceeding €500. 
-  * It must not accept anonymous donations. 
-  * It must not accept donations exceeding €12,000 per year and per donor. 
-  * It must not accept donations from the budgets of political groups of the European Parliament. 
-  * It must not accept more than 40% of a national political party'​s annual budget. 
-  * It must not accept donations from any company over which the public authorities may exercise a dominant influence, either by virtue of their ownership of it, or by their financial participation therein. 
-  * It must get at least 15% of its budget from sources other than its European Union funding. 
-  * It must submit its application by the 30 September before the financial year that it wants funding for. 
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