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Name of PPEU

Origin Text
EGP 2.2 The Full Members form the international non-profit organisation “European Green Party”, also called “the European Greens”. The name may be abbreviated as necessary to “EGP”.
EFA The organisation, called European Free Alliance, is a Federation of political parties on the European level. The name European Free Alliance should always be preceded or followed by 'non-profit organisation' or the abbreviation.
EL The “Party of the European Left”, abbreviated here to “European Left” (EL) is a flexible, decentralised association of independent and sovereign European left-wing parties and political organizations which works on the basis of consensus.

The party of the EL gets an official name in each of the official languages of the European Union as well as in the official languages of the states where EL member parties exist.

The names are:

“Европейската лява партия” or “ Европейската левица” or “ЕЛ” in Bulgarian language,
Партыя Eўрапейскіх лeвых“ or “Eўрапейскія лeвыя” or “EЛ” in Byelorussian language,
“Partit de L 'Esquerra Europea” or “Esquerra Europea” or “EE” in Catalonian
“Strana evropské levice” or “Evropská levice” or “EL” in Czech
“Europæisk Venstreparti” or “Europæisk Venstre” or “EV” in Danish language,
“Party of the European Left” or “European Left” or “EL” in English
“Euroopa Vasakpartei” or “Euroopa Vasak” or “EV” in Estonian
“Euroopan vasemmistopuolue” or “Euroopan vasemmisto” or “EV” in Finnish language,
“Parti de la Gauche Européenne” or “Gauche Européenne” or “GE” in French
“Partei der Europäischen Linken” or “Europäische Linke” or “EL” in German
“Κομμα της Ευρωτταικης Αριστερας” oder “Ευρωτταικη Αριστερα” or “EA” in Greek
“Európai Baloldali Párt” or “Európai Bal” or “EB” in Hungarian
“Partito della Sinistra Europea” or “Sinistra Europea” or “SE” in Italian
“Partidul Stîngii Europene” or “Stînga Europeana” or “SE” in Moldovan respectively in Romanian languages,
“Partido da Esquerda Europeia” or “Esquerda Europeia” or “EE” in Portuguese
“Partidul Stîngii Europene” or “Stînga Europeana” or “SE” in Romanian
“Európska ľavicová strana” or “Európska ľavica” or “EĽ” in Slovakian
“Partido de la Izquierda Europea” or “Izquierda Europea” or “IE” in Spanish
“Europeiska vänsterpartiet” or ” Europeiska vänstern“ or “EV” in Swedish language.
“Avrupa Sol Partisi” or “Avrupa Sol” or “ASP” in Turkish language,
“Europese Linkspartij” or “Europees Links” or “EL” in Vlamish language,
PES 1.1. An international not-for-profit association is set up under Belgian law under the name “Party of European Socialists”, in short and hereafter named “PES”, in order to gather together the socialist, social-democratic, labour and democratic progressive parties and organisations within Europe.

1.2. The PES has an official name in all the official languages of the European Union and of those countries where it has a full member party. These are published as an Annex 1 to these Statutes.
Both the full name and the abbreviation may be used indifferently.
EUD ./.
ELDR An international non-profit association is hereby incorporated under the laws of Belgium. Its name is “European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party”, abbreviated as “ELDR Party” hereinafter referred to as the “Association”. Both the full and the abbreviated names may be used indistinguishably.

All acts, invoices, announcements, publicity, letters, orders and other documents issued by the Association, shall indicate the full name or the abbreviated name of the Association preceded or followed by the words “internationale vereniging zonder winstoogmerk” or “association internationale sans but lucratif or the abbreviation “IVZW” or “AISBL”, as well as the indication of the registered office of the Association.
EDP A non-profit international association is established amongst the signatories under the denomination abbreviated «E.D.P.» within all the acts, billings, announcements, publications and other documents issued by the association, these abbreviations may be used separately.
EPP The association, an alliance of political parties at European level, is named “Parti populaire européen / Europese Volkspartij / Europäische Volkspartei / European People’s Party”, abbreviated as “PPE/EVP/EPP”). This name must always be preceded or followed by the words “association internationale sans but lucratif / internationale vereniging zonder winstoogmerk” or the abbreviation AISBL / IVZW.
Newropeans A non-profit association of Dutch law is established between the undersigned and those adhering to these statutes. This association is named: «Newropeans».
PPI (1) The name of the association is Pirate Parties International. The official abbreviation is PPI.
Jack Allnuts The official name of the association shall be “The European Pirate Party”, abbreviated “PPEU”.

A list of official translations of the association's name is included in Annex A.
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