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PPEU Conference in Warsaw on 07/27/2013 - 07/28/2013

Chairperson Jens Stomber (PP-DE), Sebastian Krone (PP-DE)
Rules of Procedures Martina Pöser (PP-DE)
Secretary 1 Andreas Czák (PP-AT)
Secretary 2 Patryk Kopaczynski (PP-AT) from day 1 17:30h
Vote tabular Radek Pietron (PP-PL)
Responsible for the minutes Jens Stomber (PP-DE)

Delegate participants

(10 delegations in total) <embed .:delegates></embed>

Non-Delegate participants

(6 in total)
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Pre-conference documents
Resulting documents

Results / Votes

B.1. PP-EU Statutes final discussions and voting

  • 1.Voting weights in Council:
    • Vote: Voting weights in Council should be based on “EGP” model (based on election sucess).
      • Voting result: Approved (8Y/1N/1A) 1)
  • 2.Ordinary Members, rights of members from non-EU countries “Associates”:
    • Vote: All members of PPEU may vote in the Council on every matter.
      • Voting result: Approved (6Y/3N/1A)
  • 3.Court of Arbitration:
    • Vote: COA should not be included in the current version of statutes.
      • Voting result: Approved (8Y/0N/2A)
  • 4.Majorities (Change of Statutes, 2/3 of valid votes in the council):
    • Vote: Regarding Quorum in Council Conventions: We dont want an attendance quorum, but if necessary by (Belgian) law, we choose the lowest possible one.
      • Voting result: Approved (9Y/0N/1A)
  • 5.Majorities (Change of Statutes, 2/3 of valid votes in the council):
    • Vote: Statutes Changes and Manifesto Changes (and membership fee reduction ) require 2/3 of the votes cast in the council and 2/3 of the attending members (double majority).
      • Voting result: Approved (8Y/1N/1A)
  • 6.Majorities, splitting of votes:
    • Vote: No splitting of votes in PPEU council, ever!
      • Voting result: Approved (5Y/4N/1A)
  • 7.Board details: number of officers, election and proposal details:
    • Vote: The Board consists of one Chairperson, two Vice-chairpersons, one Treasurer, and up to five Board members.
      • Voting result: Approved (8Y/0N/2A)
  • 8.Council details: number of persons, scope:
    • Vote:
      • The council elects Board-Members.
      • Ordinary members propose candidates for the Board.
      • Only the Council decides about fundamental positions.
      • Council meetings: at least once a year, more often if necessary, online meetings of Board and Council are of course possible!
      • Voting result: Approved (9Y/0N/1A)
  • 9.Membership fee:
    • Vote: Membership fee for PPEU membership is 300€ / year, plus adapted fees set by the council, multiplication by voting weight.Donations and/or other means should be part of the income side to cover the budget.
      • Voting result: Approved (7Y/3N/0A)

B.2. Discuss the statutes draft as a whole on practical issues and finalizing the PPEU manifesto

  • 10. PPEU statutes committee
    • Vote: That we appoint a committee that will adapt the statutes draft in accordance with the decisions taken at this conference and which, in a transparent and inclusive method, will confer with all parties who've ratified the Paris declaration to see if they have any suggestions for further changes on topics not covered at this conference only and to see if there is a majority for any such change. If there is those changes should be incorporated into the final proposal that will be the text to be voted on at the next conference. The committee shall also be responsible for answering any questions any party might have regarding the content or the effect of the statutes.
      • Voting result: Approved (9Y/0N/1A)
  • 11. PPEU statutes committee
    • Vote: The following persons form the proposed committee. Mattias Bjärnemalm is responsible.
      • Paul Bossu (PP-BE)
      • Juan Irache (PP-CAT)
      • Martina Pöser (PP-DE)
      • Jens Seipenbusch (PP-DE)
      • Maxime Rouquet (PP-FR)
      • Antonios Motakis (PP-GR)
      • Tomasz Słowiński (PP-PL)
      • Mattias Bjärnemalm (PP-SE)
      • Voting result: Approved (9Y/0N/1A)
  • 12. Finalising the PPEU Manifesto

C. Signing the letter of intent and preparation of the next conference

  • 13. Letter of intent: the Warsaw Declaration:
    • Vote: To adopt the above text as the Warsaw Declaration and invite all European Pirate Parties, as understood by the statues draft, to sign it.3)
      • Voting result: Approved (9Y/0N/1A)
  • 14. Signing the letter of intent
    • Vote: That the signing of the Warsaw declaration shall be handled outside of the scope of this conference.
      • Voting result: Approved (5Y/1N/4A)
  • 15. Discuss the next conference
    • Vote: Next Conference will be held in Luxembourg.
      • Voting result: Approved (8Y/1N/1A)
  • 16. Discuss the next conference
    • Vote: The PPEU conference shall take place on the 3rd/4th of September in Luxemburg.
      • Voting result: Approved (7Y/2N/1A)

D. Miscellaneous

  • 17. Muriel Rovira Esteva (PP-CAT) proposes to form a group to design the CI of PPEU
    • Vote: Designate three coordinators that organise a design proposal process on Logo and CI of PPEU, to present a few selected winners and suggest them for adoption at the Brussels conference:
      • Immanuel Rohringer (PP-AT)
      • Juan Irache (PP-CAT)
      • Tomasz Slowinski (PP-PL)
        • Voting result: Approved (8Y/1N/1A)
Y = Yes, N = No, A = Abstention
2) , 3)
see resulting documents
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