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Hello pirates and mates,

my name is Rainer v. Leoprechting, I am still fresh to the pirate movement and feel much called to it. I've been living and working with the EU for more than 17 years, and could call myself now an insider of the Brussels circus.

After having introduced a few innovations into the EU conversation ways [], I quit the services of the administration and set up my own company. I now develop an internet application to help people find meaningful work, and match individuals to work with stories. (Check out as from late September 2012) I facilitate gatherings and strategic conversation processes. And I share practices and knowledge in seminars.

I like to contribute to the PPEU process with both my experience and my knowledge and skills.

For example: I've been studying money in economics, and might have a few elements to suggest for the EU programmes. I know a bit how lobbies, the Parliament, Commission, Agencies and other bodies function from within, and might offer feedback from this perspective on any organisational issue of the party. In summer 2012 I co-hosted the Kongress für integrale Politik - this has been a great experience how diversity of views and backgrounds can be hosted towards building consensus in an offline conference setting. Am happy to offer my and my co-practitioners mastery for face to face meetings.

Looking much forward to creative times with you,


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