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Prague declaration

Prague declaration is an declaration created and signed by many Pirates on situ an ther ratified by some PPs.

The First Step to Succeed in European Parliament Elections 2014

The assembled European Pirates signed below agreed on the following:


We intend to run in the elections to the European Parliament in the year 2014.


We declare the intent

  1. to have a common election program included in the individual programs of the respective parties,
  2. to coordinate our election campaigns,
  3. to cooperate closely in the European Parliament on the realisation of our common program.


The common program shall consist of components regarding European policies that have been approved by participating parties. Every participating party will be able to set forth its opinion and report the state of its procedure regarding every proposal.


We agree to establish a political party at European level [1].


We propose this declaration for ratification to the competent bodies of the European Pirate Parties.

[1] Regulation (EC) No 2004/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4 November 2003, as later amended.


CAT; CZ; DE; ES; FR; GAL; GR; IT; NL; PL. (unofficial); SI

Ratification process

Please, provide your informations with links.

Abbr. Country Competent body body meeting ratified
AT Austria
BE Belgium
BG Bulgaria
CY Cyprus
CZ Czech Republic Celostátní fórum 19.6. 2012 - 16.7. 2012 yes
DE Germany Bundesparteitag 28.04 - 29.04.2012 yes
DK Denmark
EE Estonia
ES Spain (Catalonia) General Assembly 22.4. 2012 - 6.5. 2012 yes
ES Spain
FI Finland
FR France
GB United Kingdom
GR Greece Member Base 29.1. 2013 yes
HR Hungary
IE Ireland
IT Italy
LT Lithuania
LU Luxembourg
LV Latvia
MT Malta
NL Netherlands
PO Poland
PT Portugal
RO Romania
SI Slovenia
SK Slovakia
SE Sweden
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