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14th European Pirate Party Council Meeting
Dec. 16th 2023 | Online meeting

Board members present:

Mikulaš Peksa
Veronika Murzynová
Alessandro Ciofini
Petra Kovacec
Mia Utz
Jan Mareš

Board assistance team:
Mattias Bjärnemalm (Mab)
Giuseppe Calandra (Cal)

Opening of the meeting and registration of delegates


PP-CZ Česká pirátská strana 6 Samuel Vanco, Raman Ojha
PP-FI Piraattipuolue 1 Transferring vote to PPSE (Sara Hjalmarsson)
PP-FR Parti Pirate 1 Pierre Beyssac
PP-DE Piratenpartei Deutschland 2 Gregory Engels, Schoresch Davoodi
PP-GR Κόμμα Πειρατών Ελλάδας 1 Vassilis Perantzakis, Thanasis Chantzios
PP-IS Píratar 3 ABSENT
PP-IT Partito Pirata 1 ABSENT
Pirati 1 Marco Confalonieri, Eleonora Serrati
PP-LU Piratepartei Lëtzebuerg 2 Carole Weiler
PP-NL Piratenpartij 1 Andrel Linnenbank
PP-NO Piratpartiet 1 ABSENT
PP-PL Polska Partia Piratów 1 ABSENT
PP-CAT Pirates de Catalunya 1 ABSENT
PP-SE Piratpartiet 1 Sara Hjalmarsson
PP-CH Piratenpartei Schweiz 1 ABSENT
PP-SI Piratska stranka Slovenije 1 Transferring vote to PPCZ (Samuel Vanco)
PP-SK Pirátska strana - Slovensko 1 Rudolf, Juraj Krátky (from 10:49)
YPE Young Pirates of Europe 2 Matěj Bělohoubek (joined at 10:32)
MEPs Member of the European Parliament 2 Samuel Venco, Anja Hirschel

Total members present: 13 (over 19)
Total votes: 22 (over 30)

Welcoming remarks from the European Pirate Party chair Mikulas open the meeting at 9:40, greetings everyone and call for the approval of chair and minute takers

Election of meeting chairs and minute takers

Mikulas, Veronika, Mab: chair
Alessandro, Cal, Petra: minute takers


Approval of the agenda
1. Meeting administration
a) Opening of the meeting and registration of delegates
b) Welcoming remarks from the European Pirate Party chair
c) Election of meeting chairs and minute takers
d) Approval of the agenda

2. Decisions and discussions
a) Update on the ratification of the Common European Election Program (CEEP) and the Common Pirate Strategy (CPS) for the 2024 European Elections.
b) 2024 European Parliament Elections.
b1) Proposal to elect European Pirate lead candidates.
c) relationship agreement with the Greens/EFA Group.

3. Finances and discharge
a) Report on the 2023 Accounts.
b) Approval of the 2024 Budget.\
c) Donations policy

4. Closing of the meeting
a) AOB
a1) Point of information about lapsing Memberships.
a2) Point of information about the 15th Council meeting, scheduled to take place on January 27 in Luxembourg next year.
b) Final greetings

Update on the ratification of the CEEP and the CPS
PP-DE adopted the CPS. The ratification process is being tracked on their wiki.
PP-LU will vote on both Jan 27th in the morning.
Mikulas on PP-CZ: there's an internal translation; process was not pleasant; a few representatives are not satisfied with CEEP text. CEEP was ratified nonetheless (with reservations). Board was asked for explanatory remarks on migration and direct democracy. Controversy is about language not content. CPS applies, program should. There's a request for interpretative comments to be allowed, it's about integrating CEEP with national context.

PP-NL did not vote, hoeps to do so soon and does not expect issues with ratification.Would like to add basic income, but that will not be an obstacle for ratification.

PP-CZ: Someone (Raman?) complained about derogating from CEEP.
Mikulaš: Keep in mind that there are two different parts of the process. What's binding for MEP candidates does not always coincide with what's binding for the party.

PP-GR: On the 15th of Jan will vote on the CEEP. ratified both documents pretty early, translation is proceeding slowly.

Veronika: Vote on the answer of the Council to PPCZ regarding their reservations over certain points in the program. 21+/0/0

Veronika: Moving to the next point of the agenda: 2024 elections. Delegates check that the information we have about their country and the process is correct.
The parties present the proposal and open a discussion. Since there are two organizations in Italy, I believe that we need to run united. Mikulaš: Italian law is specific in that context, any organisation which runs for elections and has already representatives in international organizations, doesn't have to collect a certain number of signatures. Suggests the organization of documentation needed is done by, since they have been more active, under the supervision of the Board. But should have a joint list of both and PPIT. PPDE: agreeing to the suggestion

PPSK: Rudolph is replaced by Juraj

VOTE: Italian European Elections 2024 22+/0/0

Veronika: The Board as a whole has made a proposal for election of lead candidates for the European Pirate Party for the coming elections.
Mikulaš: there is a concept of lead candidates, the next cair of eu comission should not be decided by the council, but should be a person that has the biggest support coming in the European election. We should elect lead candidates- two of them. It is mostly for PR purpose. Lead candidates should be the forerunners on one of the lists of parties. The lead candidates should have more obligations on the European level and also more visibility (by media).
PPNL: there's not much chance that any NL pirates will be elected in the EP, he suggest CZ and DE to be candidates
Mikulaš: it is added value even for Dutch pirates, to be a counter canidate against the Greeens PPLU: asking about the gender of the lead candidates.
Mikulaš: the Board cannot propose a motion that would require candidates to have different genders, because that would be discriminatory. It is a decision of the voters, it is not in the rules. PPCZ: asking about point no.3, because the lead had to be no.1 in respective country, expresses concern about the spitzencandidate not being interested in being lead candidate. Suggests parties to internally suggest lead candidates. Mikulaš: it is a reasonable argumentation. We don't have to necessary impose that rule. Suggests a change of board proposal in the document: “Any candidate running on the list of PPEU.”
Veronika: The rule is quite restrictive, it is up to the parties and Council to elect people who will be MEPs.
Anja: Every party can propose just one person?
Mikulaš: the motion doesn't restrict the no. of people.
PPNL: the Council has to decide who can be the lead candidate.
Veronika: changes have to be made to the proposal
Mikulaš: asks Mab to update the text
Mab: will update the text
PPDE: agrees to the original text
Mikulaš: updated the text, proposed the updated version
Anja: so each board is proposing their candidate and what is the time frame Veronika: the candidates will be nominated by individual party no later than next council meeting (January)
Mikulaš: points out a mandatory precondition for running as a lead candidate should be provison of PR documents (like a CV, etc)
Mab: suggest not to make the official requirement, not added in the proposal Mikulaš: agrees
Veronika: ask Mab to open the vote in Discourse

VOTE: Lead Candidates 22+/0/0
Motion approved

Veronika: approved. Let's move to the next topic on the agenda, Please Mikulaš take the floor.
Mikulaš: thank everybody who participated to the negotiation. To explain: 2009-2014-2019, no agreement post-election. It was “informally” expected that pirates would join Greens/EFA group.
Currently, we could run also in 2024 without an agreement but the current proposal puts in a more solid base that all pirates eventually elected in 2024 can have a seat in the Greens/EFA group in EP. We wanted to secure the access to the resource of the group and the visibility of our MEPs within the group and we succeeded. It provides also more guarantees to our current MEPs.
I hope that we will manage also a proper section in the Greens/EFA website\\. This is a technical agreement within the group: there is nothing regarding politics or political goals and objectives, so we will remain free and stand to our Manifesto and our political goals, keeping distinct and separate from the Greens, where we are welcome.
The alternatives we may consider (i.e. Renew) are actually acting in a more aggressive and less effective way for the Pirates. Open for questions.
Veronika: thank you. I personally think it's a big step forward for pirates in Europa. I would like to open a discussion here.
PPDE: it's clearly written and pointed out that we as pirates will be visible in this agreement and this will be visible outside also for all voters, so they know this candidate or this Member of Parliament is a Pirate.
PPGR: Pirates have to join forces with other political parties on climate change. But there have been some issues with the Greens on EU level. Expresses hope that after this agreement we will be treated as equals in the Greens/EFA group, no more censorship as we have previously experienced.
PPLU: Luxembourg is a good example on how the collaboration with the Greens is different on EU and national level. The collaboration between the parties on local level has been positive and PPLU is supportive of the collaboration on EU level.
Mikulaš: PPEU can't force member to follow the principles of the groups, but it is based on mutual understanding and respect. There are political differences between the parties on national and EU levels, that is why it is necessary the Pirate MEP understand the importance of Pirate movement.
Veronika: it is important to understand the agreement properly. Asks Mab to open the vote.
VOTE: Relationship agreement with the Greens/EFA Group 22+/0/0
Motion approved

Short break till 12:05. Mikulaš left the meeting.

Veronika: thanks to all who participated in the negotiation. Next point: Report on the 2023 Accounts. There is a treasurer present who can present the report if needed. Marco: some moths ago it was pointed out we have another account. Wants to ask if that acc was taken into consideration for the draft.
Alessandro: this acc has not been finalised yet and we were not aware of that previously. Consider this pending, because the acc is not closed yet. Consider it done once it's closed.
Veronika: some people have trouble accessing the report. There is no voting on the current point, because it's plainly informative point.

Next point: approval of 2024 budget.
The draft has been available for a couple of weeks and there have been no questions.
Bastian: missing the invoices on the donations. The visibility of donations has an impact for the donor and open invoices should be in the budget. Budget is not correct because donations are not visible.
Alessandro: denies not including invoices. In case of receiving one, he would include it. Explains the costs of servers.
Bastian: there's two main servers and you have only one calculated. Also for the donations it has to be included.
Alessandro: the estimated price for the next year will cover all the services and welcomes any additional suggestions by Bastian. Asks for additional explanation by Bastian, since he didn't understand the issue. Veronika: asks Bastian to later elaborate on the donation issue over message or call. Suggests to move on to the vote.
Bastian: complains over.. not sure what.
Veronika: again asks to later elaborate and to vote if there is no further comments.
Alessandro: assures all the invoices are taken care of and all the expenses/fees are taken into account. Also encourages Bastian to get in touch over the issue.
Veronika: asks to refrain from personal interactions.
PPDE: since there are some issues on the budget, so we can not take informative decision\\. Veronika: there is enough room in the budget for eventualities and the amount proposed covers all the expenses, assures the budget is well prepared.
PPCZ: is there any consideration regarding selling merch for eu elections? This could help busting our budget.
Veronika: there is a legal base issue. Different countries have different legal bases for selling merch. Alessandro: agrees to what Veronika says\\. Veronika: asks Mab open the vote.
Vote: 2024 Budget
Budget 2024 approved

PPGR: comments on a mistake on the point of the agenda
Mab: fixed

Veronika: moving on. AOB
PPLU: Wondering about current status of registering the European political party within the authority for European political parties and European political foundations.
Veronika: adding to agenda in AOB. Moving to point: Information about lapsing Memberships.
Alessandro: Norway and Switzerland didn't pay the fee for two consecutive years, fees were lowered from 300 eur to 50, so in the next council meeting they won't be considered members anymore in accordance with our statutes.
Veronika: invites respective parties to pay the fees. Next point: 15th Council meeting, scheduled to take place on January 27 in Luxembourg next year. The meeting will be hybrid, but presence in person is highly desirable. We are looking for volunteers, who can help with the meeting. That can be done remotely, we need chairs, minute takers, etc. Let us know, if you want to help.
Bastian: is the location set to LU?
Veronika: confirms. Carol, as the main organiser, would you like to add something?
Carol: it is not directly in LU city, but well connected, in a community center, easily accessible.
Contact me if anyone needs accommodation. (link to the venue)
Veronika: we can organise room sharing, to make it into more of a community event. Also asks to share tips on what to do in the city and country. We will be sharing more information for the event, so everyone can plan their trip. Book the dates. Also at the meeting new board will be elected. We encourage PPs to put forward candidates for the Board.
PPCZ: is anyone of the people present planning to go to CZ Congress in January?
Veronika is adding the topic to AOB. No further questions of LU Congress. Next point: political party within the authority for European political parties and European political foundations. Mab: As European political party, you'd need either to have received 3% in seven member states in the late last European elections, which we didn't. All you need are people elected regionally, nationally or on EU level in seven member states, and we are currently at 3. So when that. Seven, we can be registered and there are still ways to achieve that. We can get more powers elected in European elections next year or we can get people who are elected for other parties to have their parties joined the European private party. So we have changed the statutes to make it easier for non private parties to join us, we'll members. And we are in talk with a bunch of different parties, but currently there has been no applications from any other party to join us. But basically we need to increase the number of elected people representing the European Pirate Party to seven different countries.
Veronika: so let's hope for a successful elections. PPCZ congress is in Brno, they will be voting for new leadership of the party, anyone is welcome to join.
PPCZ: I have been talking with some members of the German party who said that they would appreciate if the PPCZ would organise something like a seminar to. Media presentation and social media presentation. I did send it later to through the mailing list of the PPEU to people who might be interested, and the seminar is planned to be held at the time of the PPCZ event. Also get in touch with PPCZ members for the accommodation.
Veronika: everyone is welcome, second day of general assembly we have some webinars and workshops.


Final greetings

Meeting end: 13:06

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