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Motions concerning the agenda/the meeting

Motion 1

Motion by PPDE

The council shall disregard Art. 13 (6), (8) until the time a secured payment of membership fees is possible. All due membership fees are prolonged until the previous condition is fulfilled.

Art. 13 (6) Member parties who do not meet their financial commitments will lose all voting and speaking rights within the organs and bodies of the association as well as their right to propose candidates for positions within the association, until they have paid off their arrears. A list outlining the current Membership Fees’ situation will be distributed at each Council meeting by the Treasurer.

Art. 13 (8) If a Member Party did not pay their due membership fee for two consecutive years until the first Council meeting of the second year, they are deemed to have left the Association by resignation automatically.

Motion X

Motions not concerning the meeting

Motion 1

Motion by PPDE
The board of PPEU shall ensure that a working group is set up taking care of evaluating software for online meetings. The software should fulfill the requirements given by the statutes and assure asynchronous meetings as well. The working group shall involve the members for testing the software as well as different approaches for discussing issues. The member parties shall support this evaluation process by all means, e.g. providing server space and administration and so forth.

The evaluation process should include the upcoming discussions about e.g. the CEEP for the European Elections in 2019.
==== Motion Y ====

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