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Venue and Helpful Things Nice to Know


1000 ISK = 7,10 EUR / 8,09 USD (no guarantee)


The AGM is held at the Píratar headquarters on Síðumúli 23, 108 Reykjavík. Many buses go straight there from town ( with a 3 min walk from the bus stop. The meeting will be held here both Saturday and Sunday.


EU numbers – since June 15th you roam as home (check your home plan for details on data)
Out-of-EU or in need of a sim card: if on WOWAIR or icelandair: get sim onboard. If not, get sim in airport (shop across from baggage claim). Alternatively you can get a simcard once you are in Reykjavík in most 10/11 shops. They cost about 2000-2500 ISK.

TAX-FREE Alcohol and cigarettes:

It is recommended to buy in EU airport or on arrival: these items are very expensive here, so make sure to have a look at the large sheet in the TAXFREE which is located across from the baggage claim. The sheet will have the total amount of allowance.


If you have signed up for a Pirate Pick up: wait patiently for either a person with a sign, or your fellow travellers!

Bus to Reykjavík from Keflavík Airport:
The ticket offices are across from the entry hall (airport small, think only 330k live here)
1. Take GREYLINE, AIRPORT DIRECT or alternatively Reykjavík Excursion
2. There is an option for a drop off at hotels, hostels and/or main sites in Reykjavík
Prices vari from EUR 22 to about EUR 36 depending on service etc.
3. Take bus (take the only exit out and the busses will be on your right hand side), most busses have wifi so you should be good.
4. wait about 45-55 minutes and arrive in style in Reykjavik!

While in Reykjavík: the busses take *exact* change a fare is ISK 460. You can also purchase a fare in the app “Stræto”


Couch surf: if you are in need of a couch surf, please contact us through this form.


There are Multiple hostels both near the venue and near the city center. This is a section of hostels and hotels:
The Sports Hostel: Álfheimar, 104 Reykjavík
The Artic Comfort Hotel, Síðumúli 19, Reykjavík
The Bolholt Apartments, Bolholt 6, 105 Reykjavík
The Galaxy Pod Hostel, Laugavegur 172, Reykjavík
Hostel B47, Baronsstígur 47, 101 Reykjavík
Studio Apartments, Grensásvegur 14, 108 Reykjavík


There are plenty of things to see, including churches like Hallgrímskirkja, Sólfarið (a vikingship by the water), and good walking streets such as Laugarvegur and Skólavörðustígur. There are plenty guides to Reykjavík, pick up a free issue of the English speaking Reykjavík Grapevine for more stuff to do.
Cafees: C is for cookie is open early (7:30) and very close by at Týsgata. Other good cafees include reykjavík roaster (hipster AF) – no wifi there, but you can put on a vinyl and drink coffee. VÍNYL is the only vegan cafe and is on hverfisgata. There are 2 vegetarian places very close on Klapparstígur. We also love the cafe 'Julia and Julia' at the culture house (some call it the unicorn museum on Hverfisgata. They close at 5 pm though along with the museum. We also have the Punk museum, the penis museum, the art museum, the Harpa opera hall which is a bjútífúl building on the harbours and all kinds of things to look at and enjoy!
Bars: we have 2 tittie bars but only one queer bar (???) the queer bar is a 4 min crawl from the apartment and is called Kiki. It is only open wednes-saturday. Queer friendly is Gaukurinn, a 10 min walk, we should karaoke there on Tuesday! There are bars all around and normally close at 1 am except on weekends, then they can go until 3-4:30 am depending. Icelanders partí like cinderellas (we live in the moment like we turn into pumpkins in the morning).

Record stores: there are four – I love 12 Tónar, but lucky and bad taste are good too!


To register yourself, please use to following form.

Pick Up From The Airport

Who wants to be picked up from the airport, as it saves some costs, please fill in this form.

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