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7th European Pirate Party Council meeting Day 2: 29-11-2020


Registration of delegates.

PP-AT not present Roland Schneider PP-CZ David František Wagner, Jan Mareš, Lukáš Doležal PP-EE not present PP-FI: Maija Li Raudaskoski from 11:25 PP-FR Perik Blivet PP-DE Alexander Spies, Gregory Engels, Jens Stomber, Thomas Gaul PP-GR not present PP-IS Arndís Gunnarsdóttir (alt. Olga Cilia, Júlíus Blómkvist, Bjarki Hilmarsson) PP-IT Emmanuele Somma, Paolo Didonè PP-LU not present PP-NL Ji Yong Dijkhuis PP-NO Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir fwd to Arndís Gunnarsdóttir PP-PL not present PP-CAT Dario Castañé, Oliver Herzig PP-ES not present PP-SE not present Mattias Rubenson, Siula Grande PP-CH not present PP-SL Patrik Kristl, Nikolaj Burger PP-SK Michal Pírek, Marcel Litvák Feliks YPE - Tomáš Guth Jarkovský Charalampos Kyritsis MEP Mikuláš Peksa, Markéta Gregorová, David František Wagner PPJP not present Potsdam: Sebastian Krone PPI: severals Bavaria: Mickey Sinclair (from 10:32) PP-BE: not present Brandenburg Susanne Gonschorek Pirati: Marco Confalonieri Guests: Bailey Lamon (PPI Chair, following stream) PP-DE Mia Utz was there the whole day too :)

Voting rights schema (to be used as template) PP-AT (1) PP-CZ (6) PP-FI (1) PP-FR (1) PP-DE (2) PP-IS (3) PP-IT (1) PP-NL (1) PP-NO (1) delegates to PP-IS PP-CAT (1) PP-SE (1) PP-SL (1) PP-SK (1) YPE (2) MEP (2)

Meeting started officially 10:18

Proposed agenda:

10:00 – 12:00 Presentations and elections of Chair, Vice chairs, and Treasurer

Board elections Chairman 2 Vice-Chairman Treasurer up to five Member of the Board

12:00 - 13:30 Lunch break 13:30 - 15:00 Board member presentation and elections 15:00 - 15:15 Code of Conduct Council has a Q&A 15:15 - 16-00 CoC Council elections 16:00 – 18:15 Closing the meeting and planning the next meeting

Alessandro asks the Council if there are objections against him chairing the meeting for the first two votations

list of nominees:

Dario (PP-Cat): asks for an emergency motion on the agenda:

The Chair asks for members to approve the change in the agenda no objections raised

Dario: introduces the motion Patrik: How much is the event connected to the situation in Catalonia? Mikuláš: formal resolution? Can anyone pardon the Pirate? Dario: asking for formal support, pardon - possible to have pardon of the King Mikuláš: suggests to amend the text, PP-Cat to be replaced by PP-EU Dario amends the text

The Chair now moves to vote on the motion

MEPs: yes (2) PPSL: Yes (1) PPCZ 6 yes YPE: yes (2) PPNL: Yes (1) PP-CAT: yes (1) PP-FR : Yes (1) PPIS: Yes (3) PPNO: Yes (1) PPDE Yes (2) PP-IT Yes (1) PP-SK (1) yes

motion approved 22:0:0

The Chair now moves to the election of Chair of the Board

Arndis: objecting to Mikulas acting as delegate for MEPs Mikuláš: next one in the list takes over - Marketa, then David discussion between Arndis, Mikulas, Alessandro Mikulas: resigning as delegate for MEPs Alessandro: asks Council if there any objections against any votes taken until now no objections raised

The Chair now proposes two modes of voting: 1. synchronous mode - call in alphabetical order 2. asynchronous mode - DM in Mattermost Thomas Gaul.: why closed voting? Tomas Guth: not deciding on open or close, just one by-one or simultaneously Exedre: adding alt. 3 - open mode with random vote

Chairperson now moves to vote on the mode of voting PP-AT (1) not present PP-CZ (6) abstain PP-FI (1) not present PP-FR (1) abstain PP-DE (2) opt. 3 PP-IS (3) opt. 2 PP-IT (1) opt. 1,3 PP-NL (1) abst PP-NO (1) delegates to PP-IS opt. 2,3 PP-CAT (1) opt. 2 PP-SE (1) not present PP-SL (1) opt. 2 PP-SK (1) opt. 2 YPE (2) opt. 1,3 MEP (2) opt. 2 option 2 won

The Chair now moves onto the election of the Chairperson.

1. Election of the Chairperson:

      Mikuláš Peksa 
      Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir

Presentation of candidates Mikuláš Peksa: introducing himself, intended work as a Chairperson and his vision Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir: introduction, vision as the Chairperson Alessandro opens the floor to questions no questions raised

The Council members will now cast their votes via direct message to Alessandro in Mattermost

PP-FI delegate joined 11:25, added to the list of delegates and asked to vote

PP-AT (1) not present PP-CZ (6) Mikulas PP-FI (1) Katla PP-FR (1) Mikulas, Katla PP-DE (2) Mikulas PP-IS (3) Katla PP-IT (1) Mikulas PP-NL (1) Mikulas, Katla PP-NO (1) delegates to PP-IS Katla PP-CAT (1) no vote PP-SE (1) not present PP-SL (1) Mikulas PP-SK (1) Mikulas YPE (2) Mikulas MEP (2) Mikulas

      Delegates        Votes        Mikulas        Katla

Piratenpartei Österreichs 2 1 Ceská pirátská strana 4 6 6 Pirate Party of Finland 2 1 1 Parti Pirate 2 1 1 1 Piratenpartei Deutschland 2 2 2 Píratar 2 3 3 Partito Pirata 2 1 1 Piratenpartij 2 1 1 1 Piratpartiet 2 1 1 Pirates de Catalunya 2 1 Piratpartiet 2 1 Piratska stranka Slovenije 2 1 1 Pirátska strana - Slovensko 2 1 1 Young Pirates of Europe 4 2 2 Member of European Parliament 2 2 2

      Total        25        17        7

Mikulas Peksa was elected as the Chairperson 17:7 Mikulas thanks the Board and Katla for participation

The Chair now moves to election of the Vice-Chair person

2 Vice-Chairpersons Antonios Motakis Florie Marie Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir

Exile: announced on behalf of Antonio that he withdraws his nomination The Chair now asks the nomineeeintrointroduce themselves

Florie Marie: introduces herself, vision for working on the board, asynchonous decision-making, update of statues Katla: just iterates her previous words The Chair now opens floor to questions no questions raised

Alessandro proposes that the Council elects both of them if there are no objections. No objections raised Florie Marie and Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir have been elected as vice-chair persons.

Alessandro now resigns as the Chair. Mikulas takes over as Chair for the Treasurer elections.

5 mins break 11:50 - 11:55

Reconvened 11:57

3. Treasurer Sebastian Krone Alessandro Ciofini

The Chair now asks the candidates to introduce themselves. Sebastian Krone: introduces himself, vision of bieing a Treasurer Alessandro Ciofini: short introduction, short vision of working as Treasurer

Mikuláš opens the floor for questions Exedre: expresses support for PP-DE candidate and concerns about current Treasurer Marco: reitarates that Pirati is not competition to PP-IT, answers to concerns expressed by Exedre Mikuláš: reminds Council that they are now voting for treasurer of PP-EU and it is not in its mandate to discuss or decide on national issues Arndis: expresses support for Alessandro Perik: expresses support for Alessandro Exile: should be questions not statements of support, proposes to close the speakers list Mikulas gives floor to both candidates for reaction Alessandro: answers concerns, reitarates vision Bastian: would like to move forward and offer his experience

The Chair now moves to the votation, delegates will cast their votes via direct message in Mattermost

PP-CZ (6) Bastian PP-FI (1) Alessandro PP-FR (1) Alessandro PP-DE (2) Bastian PP-IS (3) Alessandro PP-IT (1) Bastian PP-NL (1) both PP-NO (1) delegates to PP-IS Alessandro PP-CAT (1) both PP-SL (1) Bastian PP-SK (1) Bastian YPE (2) both MEP (2) Alessandro

Florie: comment on Bastian being treasurer of PPI Parik: objection to Bastian being legitimate candidate Gregory: asked not to put it to vote, not valid motion after the votes been cast Mikulas: would not be right to dismiss an objection Gregory: asks to have the votes read Mikulas: Bastian the winner discussion on the rules and statues PP-FR drops the objection

Sebastian Krone has been elected as the Treasurer of the PP-EU.

Meeting adjourned for lunchbreak 12:45 - 13:30.

Meeting reconvened 13:45

The Chair performed headcount, PP-AT, PP-FI and PP-SE missing

4. Member of Board without an appointed office (up to five members) Oliver Herzig Alessandro Ciofini Michael Sinclair Jan Mareš Mia Utz Dario Castane Emmanuele Somma Paolo Didonè Lukáš Doležal

The Chair now asks candidates to introduce themselves. Oliver Herzig Alessandro Ciofini Michael Sinclair

Mikuláš: Maija from PP-Fi just joined in as well Maija: confirmed presence

Jan Mareš Mia (skip her for now) Dario Castane left a video for us, Florie will present it (we will come back later) Emmanuele Somma Paolo Didonè Lukáš Doležal Dario Castane in video now Gregory is now presenting Mia, because she can't be here Mia connected to the meeting, presentation done

Noted: PP-SE transferred votes to PP-Cat

The vote is now open (14:31). Direct messages to chairperson via Mattermost.

PP-CZ (6) PP-FI PP-FR (1) PP-DE (2) PP-IS (3) PP-IT (1) PP-NL (1) PP-NO (1) delegates to PP-IS PP-CAT (1) PP-SE (1) delegates to PP-CAT PP-SI (1) PP-SK (1) YPE (2) MEP (2)

Results: first we need to obtain at least 50% of the votes. We need 13 votes.

Exile (21) Alessandro (21) Jan Mareš (19) Mia (21) Dario (16) Lukas (18)

Accordingly to our Statues, we have 5 board members elected:

Exile (21) Alessandro (21) Jan Mareš (19) Mia (21) Lukas (18)

Now we are moving to CoCC Q&A and later new CoCC elections.

Marco: introduction of the CoCC Exedre: objecting to existence of the council as it is, opaque rules Arndis: what is the authority of the counci?

technical: Alessandro: excusing for family reasons

Marco: procedures still unclear as it is a work in progress, goal is to provide safe and inclusive environment, not court of arbitration

Katla.: nominations coming from Iceland - will be added to Wiki - Arndís Gunnarsdóttir, Unnar Þór Sæmundsson Perik PP-FR: nomination of Etienne Evellin for CoCC Exedre: objects to the nominations for the last minute * procedural motion: to postpone the vote by a week

Mikuláš: current CoCC term ends with this meeting

DFW: also welcomes to postpone the vote and vote via email to be able to get to know the candidates Arndis: * objection to postponment of the vote, CoCC does not have any significant power Exedre: still wants to postpone to add bios for candidates Katla: directs Exedre to Statues which specify the powers of the CoCC Mickey: CoCC is a mediator body Mikuláš asks Exedre to clasrify the motion for postponing the vote Exedre: * procedural motion: A) the Council will vote in two weeks. One to have nomination and the other for the vote itself. Votes would be cast via Mattermost in the public 7th council area. Arndis: objection against pospotning the vote DFW: important to have time to decide on candidates to give the CoCC more legitimacy * procedural motion: B) Thomas Gaul PP-DE: to postpone the vote until the next Council meeting and leave the current in office until then Arndi: not necessary to postpone, could be detrimental to the function of the CoCC Maija: two kinds of concerns

Mikuláš A - Exedre1 B - Thomas Gaul

PP-AT (1) not present PP-CZ (6) - A PP-FI (1) - A PP-FR (1) abst PP-DE (2) A and B PP-IS (3) against both PP-IT (1) - A PP-NL (1) - not present PP-NO (1) delegates to PP-IS against both PP-CAT (1) against both PP-SE (1) delegates to PP-CAT against both PP-SI (1) A PP-SK (1) B YPE (2) abst MEP (2) abst

Tomáš: procedural objection against the vote Exedre: Katla: two procedural motions made, deal with them one by one Gregory: option with most votes, dismissing the abstentions Mikuláš: asks abstatining parties about their intention PP-FR: intetntion against YPE: lower the quorum MEP: lower the quorum Arndis: vote was confusing Mikuláš: asks Arndis if she wants to repeat the vote Tomáš G-J: procedural move to remove the YPE and MEP votes Arndis: suggests to repeat the vote Gregory: requests Arndis to refrain from taking the floor since she is a candidate

Mikuláš: no objections against repeating the vote abstaining = lowering the quorum

discussion about procedure

PP-CZ (6) - A PP-FI - abst PP-FR (1) - against both PP-DE (2) - A, B PP-IS (3) - against both PP-IT (1) - A PP-NL (1) - A PP-NO (1) delegates to PP-IS - against both PP-CAT (1) - against both PP-SE (1) delegates to PP-CAT - against both PP-SI (1) - A, B PP-SK (1) - B YPE (2) MEP (2)

Option A got the majority of votes, the voting of CoCC will be held in two weeks. One to have nomination and the other for the vote itself.

discussion on the procedure of the actual vote Mikuláš: Board will publish the exct procedure after 1st meeting Exedre: confirms Mikuláš Bastian: setup a special email address for the voting Katla: make sure the dates and responsibilities are done in writing, nominations and information on the nominees to be up in a week, when will the Board meet? Wants everything to be put in writing and planned who has the responsibility before this council meeting is over. Mikuláš: - bring all the Board members in chat in Mattermost and discuss organising 1st meeting - asap during the week - it should be the Board to carry out the will of the Council Marco: clarification? CoCC in current composition is dismissed until next election? Mikuláš: CoCC in statues is appointed to keep in time with the Board, new one was elected, CoCC ended with the old board and new one needs to be elected, so not in office any more Katla: asks people responsible for the procedural motion to make sure everything is carried out Mikuláš: the Board takes responisibility to make it happen

CoCC nominations:

The Chair now moves to next point - closing this meeting and planning next meeting

Gregory: Mia would like to table a motion on behalf PP-DE “Call for action! THE BOARD OF THE EUROPEAN PIRATES call on all European States to impose exceptional extended X-mas holidays from 1st December to 15th January, due to Corona and raising cases. Justification: We will never get rid of this virus, if we don't act urgently and quickly in a consequent manner. ” * procedrual motion to add this point to agenda

Julius: objection against the procedural motion


PP-CZ (6) - abst PP-FI (1) - abst PP-FR (1) - abst PP-DE (2) - yes PP-IS (3) - no PP-IT (1) - abst PP-NL (1) - abst PP-NO (1) delegates to PP-IS - abst PP-CAT (1) - no PP-SE (1) delegates to PP-CAT - abst PP-SI (1) - yes PP-SK (1) - abst YPE (2) - no MEP (2) - abst

yes: 3 no: 6 abst: 15 motion failed

The chair now asks for motions about calling of the next Council meeting no motion Mikuláš: the Board takes responsibility to call Council meeting

Meeting closed 16:41

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