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Current budget proposal
Account balance: 12570.44
Prepaid fees 550
2020 Expenses
IT resources: 1500
Communication: 1500
GDPR consultant: 500
Administrative: 500
Fund (Motion 4) 3000
React reserve: 1500
Total 8500
2020 Incomes
Fees due: 1200
(with the actual annual membership fee of € 50/year per vote)

Difference -7300
New balance 5270.44

Votation 1
* Thomas G.: decrease GDPR to 500 EUR
* David: counterproposal: strike out GDPR completely

Votation 2
* Patrik: amend the the “Motion 4” fund to 1500 EUR

Votation 3
* Do you want to vote today, 5 falls
* Do you want to vote tomorrow, 4 falls

Votation 4
* Bastian: procedural motion: adopt the budget as provisional until next Council meeting
* PPAT counterproposal 1: The council agrees on a provisional budget given with the current 2021 budget proposal. Amounts can be spent proportionally to the months passed. The budget will be amended at the next Council. A workgroup is formed to craft a new budget proposal
* Adopt the proposal from the Board as amended.

Votation 5
* Delay the decision to a deadline by the end of the year, form an online discussion group with pirates willing to give counsel on this topic (delegated by the parties), and let them discuss the decision over the next few weeks. They will be able to debate the issues and have to come to a decision by December 31st, 2020.
* Mikuláš: procedural motion: postpone budget discussion for tomorrow after board election

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