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Proposals on the Topic "Drugs and Addiction Policy" for the 2014 CEEP


Drugs and Addiction Policy


The current “European Strategy on Drugs” focuses on drug prohibition and to push the consumption of drugs into illegality. But the “war on drugs” has failed. It needs to be replaced with an accepting and humane drug policy which respects without prejudice an indivual's ability to make informed decisions and relies on education to prevent abuse and harmful behaviour.

We PIRATES want a drug policy which which allows for legal means to supply users and does not punish the cultivation, production, purchase or possession of drugs for personal use, nor their consumption. Consumers shall not be brought into contact with organized crime any longer, so we can institute meaningful ways to protect the immature and prevent additional and unneccesary harm caused by the absence of quality control. Sparing the addicted the descent into a life of crime helps facilitate their recovery.

To further decriminalize the common practive of cannabis consumption, an open approach to deal with so called “Cannabis Social Clubs”, in which members grow a limited amount of cannabis for personal use, must be found. Cannabinoid-containing medications must be free for medicinal use without special restrictions.

Measures for Outreach and Harm Reduction Among Drug Users

As long as a considerable amount of consumed drugs is acquired from illegal sources, harm reduction measures, such as drug checking, need to be easily available and low-risk behaviour should be promoted.

The primary goal of drug policy must be the prevention of harmful consumption patterns. When these patterns are already present, we have to reach out and offer support. Addiction must be recognized as an illness across Europe, and the rights and dignity of addicts should be respected. Common standards for drug-related treatments are a neccesary prerequisite.

For the Re-Evaluation of International Agreements on Drugs

International agreements have to allow for the decriminalisation of drug consumers and make it possible to offer legal opportunities to obtain drugs. This is the only way to effectively combat organised crime. International agreements which prevent such a policy have to be terminated as soon as possible and no new agreements like that shall be negotiated.

We PIRATES will campaign for the European Union leading the way in this regard.


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