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Friday 16th of September: visit to the European Parliament

10:30-12:00 EP Visitors Group in the visitors section

We've organized a visitors Group to meet with Mikulas inside the European Parliament. This will cover some of the travel costs for people coming to Brussels, and let people inside the EP to see what it is like. Sam is responsible for the visitors group on Mikulas side, and Alessandro is the leader of the Group on behalf of the European Pirates.

Venue: European Parliament visitors section

12:0-14:00 Lunch in the canteen followed by a visit to MEP offices

We will bring in those interested to see the MEP offices, and grab some lunch in the canteen. We will then go and have a quick look at the MEP offices and say hi to anyone who happen to work that afternoon.

Venue: European Parliament, canteen and MEP offices

14:00-15:00 Parlamentarium

After lunch we will bring everyone to Parlamentarium as a part of the visit to the parliament.

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