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 +==== Minutes ====
 +**Meeting 7 of the 6. PPEU board 21.04.2021, 19:00 CET/17:00 UTC**
 +Members of the Board (for use as template)\\ ​
 +C: Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ, PP-DE)\\ ​
 +VC: Florie Marie (PP-FR)\\ ​
 +VC: Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir (PP-IS)\\ ​
 +TR: Sebastian Krone (PP-DE), (PP-AT), (PP-CH) \\ 
 +BM: Alessandro Ciofini (PP-IT)\\ ​
 +BM: Jan Mareš (PP-CZ)\\ ​
 +BM: Lukáš Doležal (PP-CZ)\\ ​
 +BM: Mia Utz (PP-DE)\\ ​
 +BM: Oliver Herzig ​ (PP-DE), (PP-CAT)\\ ​
 +Meeting opened at:  19:10 \\ 
 +Meeting chaired by:  Mikuláš\\ ​
 +Secretary for this meeting: ​ Alessandro\\ ​
 +Recording: ​ recording started at 19:​10\\ ​
 +Link to the recording: https://​​p/​Board_6_Meeting_7\\ ​
 +Pad: https://​​p/​Board_6_Meeting_7 \\ 
 +RoP: https://​​doku.php?​id=documents:​rop2021 \\ 
 +**Participants:​** \\ 
 +TR: Sebastian Krone\\
 +BM: Alessandro Ciofini\\
 +BM: Oliver Herzig \\
 +BM: Mia Utz\\
 +C: Mikuláš Peksa\\
 +BM: Lukáš Doležal (PP-CZ)\\
 +BM: Jan Mareš (PP-CZ)\\
 +VC: Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir (PP-IS)\\
 +VC: Florie Marie (PP-FR)\\ ​
 +**Excused:​** \\ 
 +**Not excused:** \\ 
 +**Guests:** \\ 
 +**Agenda:​**\\ ​
 +0.1. Approval of the agenda: \\ 
 +0.2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: https://​​doku.php?​id=pp-eu:​board-meeting06_06\\ ​
 +1. Short reports of the activity\\ ​
 +2. Task from the previous meetings:​\\ ​
 +3. PPEU Council Meeting\\ ​
 +4. Partnership with ECI "​Reclaim your face" https://​​index.php/​s/​A5myxAzRAjJ5S4n \\
 +5. Logos Project https://​​logos-project \\
 +6. Conference on future of Europe https://​ \\
 +7. Working Groups + creation of Statues working group\\ ​
 +8. Any other business \\ 
 +9. Next Meeting / Session End\\ 
 +90 minutes max. as meeting time \\
 +**Minutes:​**\\ ​
 +0.1. Approval of the agenda: \\ 
 +https://​​p/​Board_6_Meeting_7 \\ 
 +Yes: Mikuláš, Bastian, Exile, Lukáš, Jan, Alessandro, Florie, Mia\\ 
 +No: \\
 +Abstain: \\ 
 +Agenda is approved. \\ 
 +0.2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting\\ ​
 +https://​​doku.php?​id=pp-eu:​board-meeting06_06 \\ 
 +Yes: Mikuláš, Exile, Mia, Lukáš, Florie, Alessandro, Bastian, Katla\\ ​
 +No: \\
 +Abstain: Jan\\ 
 +Minutes are approved. \\ 
 +**1. Short reports of the activity**\\ ​
 +C: Mikuláš Peksa:\\
 +VC: Florie Marie:​\\ ​
 +Attend PPEU Statutes Group\\
 +Have been accused of sexual assault by Bastian\\
 +VC: Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir:​\\ ​
 +-K: Online communication:​ after meetings with PPIS comm's working group an idea came out.\\
 +Having a couple of people from PPIS and make a presentation and talk with them at next PPEU-CM.\\
 +-M: we can schedule it in next topic, regarding PPEU-CM.\\ ​
 +TR: Sebastian Krone:​\\ ​
 +Technical support\\
 +Work on the PPEU Wiki\\
 +Work on the website\\
 +Attended PPEU Statutes Group\\
 +Bankaccount:​ https://​​ib/​transparent?​a=2701538320&​l=ENGLISH
 +BM: Alessandro Ciofini:​\\ ​
 +Finally we started with 1st Finance Working Group meeting yesterday (minute here: https://​​p/​PPEU-Finance) \\
 +BM: Jan Mareš: \\ 
 + I sent out an email about policy coordination debate but not much feedback. I would like to fill this table out please.\\
 +Please give this to your members, they should answer\\
 +BM: Lukáš Doležal:​\\ ​
 +Media and Communication meeting took place yesterday. Basically, we agreed that PPEU is not able to produce own media content and brainstormed over the proposed website ​ - https://​​pad/#/​2/​pad/​edit/​yQxO6TD-M9GyM9n8TkiRI2-s. ​
 +Here is the minutes https://​​1MIT6H__RVmeijA333BQug?​edit (without reviewing).
 +BM: Mia Utz:​\\ ​
 +Attended the PPEU Statutes Meeting.\\ ​
 +Collected material for CoCC, as been asked by Mikulasz\\ ​
 +Attended media working group\\ ​
 +Will put in / copy the call for reports to CoCC here, which is also on Mattermost Townsquare, as pointed out earlier: \\ 
 +- (Please note the 1st of May as a deadline for sending in information) \\ 
 +Investigation on harassment: official statement from the CoCC \\ 
 +Given the repeated episodes of harassment accusations against several members and individuals,​ the CoCC will work on a report on that subject in order to establish guidelines to tackle the situation and prevent it from happening again. \\ 
 +Anybody can report harassment situations present and past, provide relevant information about how harassment is handled inside their party or other organisations. \\ 
 +Members are invited to share this call internally. \\ 
 +Please send relevant information before the 1st of May. \\ 
 +The CoCC will publish a preliminary report on the situation before the end of May. \\ 
 +For practical informations (how to reach the CoCC, how the investigations will be conducted): \\
 +https://​​doku.php?​id=ppeu:​cocc2020\\ ​
 +BM: Oliver Herzig:​\\ ​
 +Invited for and attended the PPEU Statutes Meeting.\\ ​
 +Following the usual pirate stuff\\ ​
 +**2. Task from the previous meetings:​**\\ ​
 +no news \\
 +**3. PPEU Council Meeting**\\ ​
 +- M: 1st meeting of June\\ ​
 +- B: PPI has also meeting next June.\\ ​
 +- E: instead of waiting, we should take the date.\\ ​
 +- M: we should give us our proposal\\ ​
 +- A: we should propose something today\\ ​
 +- K: PPI can make their own decisions, we should confirm this date we proposed last time\\  ​
 +- F: we have elections in France in June (20/06 and 27/06), we are calling to participate this round, and we have to know as soon as possible the date, so I hope we're going to decide it today\\ ​
 +- M: he should say today it will be this day or not and provide a prelimiary agenda\\ ​
 +Proposed agenda\\ ​  
 +- Financial regulation\\ ​  
 +- PPI relations\\ ​  
 +- Relations with Greens/​EFA\\ ​  
 +- Budget 2021 midterm\\ ​
 +- Any eventual additional presentation and election for vacant position for PPEU board or CoCC (if needed)\\ ​
 +- Report and Vote if neccesary on Statues changes\\ ​
 +- Any other motions from members\\ ​
 +- Workshop: moderation on Mattermost\\ ​
 +- New members admission (if needed)\\ ​
 +- Guest'​s session\\ ​
 +Preview agenda ok ?:
 +Yes: Alessandro, Exile, ​ Katla, Florie, Mikuláš, Lukáš\\ ​
 +No:  \\ 
 +Abstain: \\ 
 +Motion passed\\ ​
 +Board meeting of 21.04. is confirming 05/06.06.21 as council meeting date:​\\ ​
 +Yes: Florie, Alessandro, Jan, Lukáš, Bastian, Mia, Exile, Mikuláš , Katla \\ 
 +No:  \\ 
 +Abstain: \\
 +Motion passed \\ 
 +**4. Partnership with ECI "​Reclaim your face"​** \\ 
 +https://​​index.php/​s/​A5myxAzRAjJ5S4n \\ 
 +- M: we have been supporting that. I would like to know your opinion on it\\
 +- E: I am very much personally in favour, but I think we need time and make a group on ECI´s we can perhabst support\\
 +- M: we should discuss it and let them present it to us\\
 +**5. Logos Project https://​​logos-project** \\ 
 +skipped for next board meeting
 +**6. Conference on future of Europe https://​** \\ 
 +skipped for next board meeting
 +**7. Working Groups + creation of Statues working group** \\  ​
 +Statues Workinggroup \\ 
 +- E: status meeting last week. There were different points of view and what should happen now? Try working together or splitting the group? \\ 
 +- M: suggest not to split and try to have a common denominator.\\ ​
 +- B: there is probably a misunderstading regarding the mandate. Second chamber is one thing, reworking on statues in another.\\ ​
 +- M: this point is to unlock this doubt\\ ​
 +- F: there was a misunderstanding. That's why it would be better to have two different groups. Also to work with PPI and take all the time needed and everyone can work on this project.\\ ​
 +I also propose a big consultation with all the Pirates involved in changing the current statues.\\ ​
 +- M: everyone should be free to develop the movement with mutal respect\\ ​
 +- E: yes there was a specific mandate but I don't think this is the right place to talk about.\\ ​
 +Media Workinggroup \\ 
 +- L: yesterday we had Media Group: please ask people in all PPs to join because we need them: the problem is there is a lot of content. About website, many things should be added (see above).\\ ​
 +- M: do we need an official call for it?\\ 
 +- L: we can send an email providing how to be engaged.\\ ​
 +- B: we need to have a concept first, later we can vote. There is also a difference: PPEU is a Party, PPI is an NGO\\ 
 +- M: it should be a clear documentation of the process\\ ​
 +- B: we have to discuss about structure first\\ ​
 +- M: I had admin right of FB & TW. Setup can be discussed in media group\\ ​
 +Financial Workinggroup \\ 
 +-A: Financial WG took place yesterday. Started with overview of Pirate Parties all over Europe. Alessandro is wondering if there should be a regulation regarding donations to European Pirates - we might get in probs if not... an Financial WG is also thinking about a long term budget (3-4 years). \\ 
 +- M: Document should reflect principles of all PPs. Also treasures should be involved.\\
 +- B: we need to find a good day for ensure bigger participations\\
 +**8. Any other business** \\ 
 +Skipped for next meeting\\ ​
 +**9. Next Meeting / Session End**\\ ​
 +Next meeting: ​ – 19:00 CEST / 1700 UTC\\
 +May 5th, 2021
 +Meeting closed at 20:40 CEST / UTC\\
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