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Meeting of the PPEU board 7.06.2020 20:00 CEST

Members of the Board (for use as template)
C: Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ, PP-DE)
VC: Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PP-IS)
VC: Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
BM: Gamithra Marga (PP-IS)
BM: Oliver Herzig (PP-DE, PP-CAT) - Exile
BM: Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir (PP-IS)
BM: Florie Marie (PP-FR)
TR: Alessandro Ciofini (PP-IT)
BM: Jan Mareš (PP-CZ)

Meeting opened at: 20:35
Meeting chaired by: Mikuláš
Secretary for this meeting: Katla Holm
Recording:?? Link: ??

Participants: Mikuláš Peksa,Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir, Florie Marie, Alessandro Ciofini, Oliver Herzig, Markéta Gregorová (21:10) Excused: Jan Mareš, Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir, Not excused: Guests:

last meeting (minutes):
YES: Katla, Mikulas, Exile Alessandro, Florie, Markéta NO:

Motion: “For a Europe that fights for the rights of LGBTQ+ people” Document updates Information flow from CoC + Email updates ECI “Knowledge sharing” #BlackLivesMatter protests 2020 invoices

YES: Katla, Mikulas, Alessandro, Florie, Oliver NO: Abstain:

Reports from the teams:
Media: Tech: Admin

Motion: “For a Europe that fights for the rights of LGBTQ+ people”

  1. The motion was finished at the counciil meeting and is ready for pushlishing.
  2. Mikulas will publish it on all social media and website within a week.
  3. Asked for suggestions about what to do with the motion.
  4. Katla suggests a MEP maybe writes an article to be published and get more circulation. Katla suggests a PR staff member of the MEP gets the good media attention this motion can get.

Document updates

  1. Updates needed on Wikipedia and the webpage. The minutes from the Council meeting. Go through the wiki and webpage and see if everything fits.
  2. Deleting whats needs to be done and so forth.
  3. Alessandro volinteers to go through the wiki and the website.

Information flow from CoC + Email updates

  1. Mikulas will be in touch with the members of Code of Conduct Council to set up an e-mail for them
  2. Katla had a conversation with the members of CoC council, they are very focused and excited about being in the council and their role as such. Over all, they are a good team and they got this (y)

ECI “Knowledge sharing”

#BlackLivesMatter protests

  1. Should the board put out a statement on Facebook in support of Black Lives Matter.
  2. Katla offers to write an article about the importance of strong democracy and the influence on POC.
  3. Katla and Honza volunteer to write a short statement for social media to be posted on Monday 8th of june.
  4. They will put it on Mattermost the morning of monday for approval.

2020 invoices

  1. Question about Pirate party's that still owe membership for 2019. What should we do?
  2. Alessandro is ready to send out the 2020 invoices.
  3. Worry about the finances of small party's in europe.
  4. Alessandro will reach out to those party's.

Council meeting

Any other business

f 0. Approval of the agenda


1. Reports from the teams:

XX. Any other business

Oliver brings up a server issue on Mattermost and that there is a problem with jitsi and more. Matter of spending money on servers but need to choose a tool to use first. Should be talked about in a more organised way on next meeting. Next council meeting needs to be discussed. Should it be remote or present. Put on the agenda for next board meeting.

**Meeting closed at 22.11 hours
Next board meeting is set on in two weeks from now as usual 21/06/2020, (20:00 CEST - DST - summertime)

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