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Meeting 9 of the 7th PPEU board 18.10.2022, 21:00 CEST/19:00 UTC Meeting is remote

Members of the Board
C: Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ, PP-DE)
VC: Florie Marie (PP-FR)
VC: Alessandro Ciofini (PP-SE)
TR: Sebastian Krone (PP-DE), (PP-AT), (PP-CH)
BM: Jasmin Feratovic (PP-SI)
BM: Jan Mareš (PP-CZ)
BM: Cedric Levieux (PP-FR)
BM: Etienne Evelin (PP-FR)
BM: Petr Kocourek (PP-CZ)

Meeting opened at: 21:09 CEST
Meeting chaired by: Alessandro Ciofini
Secretary for this meeting: Alessandro Ciofini
Recording: provided by PiratesOnAir

Participants: VC: Florie Marie (PP-FR)
TR: Sebastian Krone
VC: Alessandro Ciofini
BM: Petr Kocourek (PP-CZ)
BM: Jan Mareš (PP-CZ)
BM: Jasmin Feratovic (PP-SI)

C: Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ, PP-DE)
BM: Etienne Evelin (PP-FR)
BM: Cedric Levieux (PP-FR)

Not excused:

Mattias Bjärnemalm, Pirate Network Officer for the Pirate delegation in the European Parliament
Thanasis Chantzios (PP-GR) Thanasis Gounaris (PP-GR)

0.1. Approval of the agenda
0.2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:
0.3. Debrief from the last Council meeting
0.4. Update from the last negotiations with the Greens/EFA Group
0.5. Decisions on time and place for next Council meet
0.6. Discussions and decisions on the process for the CEEP
0.7. Letter from the Greek Pirate Party

1. AOB
2. Next meeting / schedule

60 minutes max. as meeting time

Minutes: 1. Approval of the agenda:

Yes: Alessandro, Florie, Jan, Petr, Bastian,

Agenda is approved

2. Approval of the minutes of the last meetings

Yes: Florie, Jan, Petr, Alessandro, Jasmin

Minutes approved

3. Debrief from the last Council meeting
Total cost was 500 euros, split on 400 euro for the venue and 100 euro for coffee
The pirate delegation organised a side event that covered lunch and morning coffee
Due to a lack of quorum the proposed statute changes was postponed to the next Council meeting

4. Update from the last negotiations with the Greens/EFA Group
Pirate delegation started a negotiations with Greens/EFA Group to have a written agreement to be approved in the Council Meeting
It started one year ago: pirate delegation decided that it needed to be started again, with small ambitions but more effective.
They asked Mab to help with technical stuff, timelines, etc…
The goal is to have a concrete draft before our first Council meeting next year

5. Decisions on time and place for next Council meeting
Schedule for this year proposed another meeting in December, that seems too early in order to have a major point approved (Statutes changes)
So our CP proposed to have a meeting in Strasbourg in April 15th-16th
Timetable of working group is not in discussion here, but just the next CM schedule
Ideally, the schedule will be:

  • Apr. 15th CEEP
  • Apr. 16th CM
  • Apr. 17th Mikulas Peksa will organize a sponsored visitors Group to the European Parliament, for those interested

Yes: Alessandro, Petr, Jan, Jasmin, Florie
Abstain: Bastian

Motion passed
Council Meeting will be held as in same way like in Brussels, as a hybrid meeting.

6. Discussions and decisions on the process for the CEEP
At the CM in Brussels we presented the CEEP process, related to working group and unfortunately in the minute there is a lack of information.
Now the best option could be to restart a new form and a new communication for all member parties
And also decided for a new timetable
Mab also suggests to appoint a board member responsible for the CEEP stuff
The board will sort out within October the CEEP BM responsible and the timeline for the whole CEEP process

7. Letter from the Greek Pirate Party
The situation in Greece is really messed up. Many people from the Pirate movement were there to protest
In that context, Pirates from Greece met a lot of people and decided to found a new Green Party
So far, there is a coalition with Greens and probably also with Volt

8. AOB
We need to make a list of International coordinators of our PPEU members
Jan started the list from PPCZ
Mab pointed out that maybe some PPs has no International coordinator at all

Report of the Treasurer Sebastian Krone:

Technical support
Work on the PPEU Wiki
Work on the PPEU website
Maintenance of the server
Setup new server for Mattermost
Technical Support within the Council Meeting.
Treasurer’s business
Bank account:13.720,22 EUR
What is the next step for the bank power of attorney?
What is the status of the registration in Luxembourg?

Regarding invoices, we need to send out invoices for 2022 to all PPEU members
Mab point out that in case of any changes, the fee will be the same as the previous here
Within October 2022, the board will talk in Mattermost channel and send out invoices for 2022

9. Next meeting / schedule
Meeting closed at 22:24 CEST / 20:24 UTC
Next meeting: it will be decided on Mattermost channel

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