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Meeting 17 of the 7th PPEU board 29.3.2023, 21:00 CEST/19:00 UTC Meeting is remote

Members of the Board
C: Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ, PP-DE)
VC: Alessandro Ciofini (PP-SE)
VC: Florie Marie (PP-FR)
TR: Sebastian Krone (PP-DE), (PP-AT), (PP-CH)
BM: Jasmin Feratovic (PP-SI)
BM: Jan Mareš (PP-CZ)
BM: Etienne Evelin (PP-FR)
BM: Cedric Levieux (PP-FR)
BM: Petr Kocourek (PP-CZ)

Meeting opened at: 21:10
Meeting chaired by: Mikuláš (until 22:15) and Alessandro (from 22:15 until the end)
Secretary for this meeting: Collectively

Participants: C: Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ, PP-DE)
VC: Alessandro Ciofini (PP-SE)
VC: Florie Marie (PP-FR)
TR: Sebastian Krone (PP-DE), (PP-AT), (PP-CH)
BM: Cedric Levieux (PP-FR)
BM: Etienne Evelin (PP-FR)
BM: Jan Mareš (PP-CZ)
BM: Jasmin Feratović
BM: Petr Kocourek


Not excused:

Mattias Bjärnemalm, Pirate Parties Network Officer
Florian “Emerodh” Roussel
Michal Gill (PPI) (PP-CZ)
TheBug (PP-DE) Ysann

0.1. Approval of the agenda
0.2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:
1.1 Assessment of the progress
1.3 Next steps
2. Council meeting
2.1 Proposal for membership fees
2.2 Proposal for reporting on the annual accounts of 2022
2.3 Proposal for Budget for 2023
2.4 Orga team

3. AOB
4. Next meeting / schedule

60 minutes max. as meeting time

Minutes: 0.1. Approval of the agenda:

Yes: Jasmin, Alessandro, Etienne, Cédric, Jan, Florie

0.2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting

No: Etienne, Cédric, Florie
Abstain: Jan, Alessandro, Mikuláš,


1.1 Assessment of the progress

Overview of the work of the thematic coordinators

Agriculture and Fisheries Florie Marie _no timeslot_
Civil Society Cédric Levieux discussion on _no timeslot_
Drug Policy Janka Michailidu _no draft_ _no timeslot_
Education, Culture, Research & Free Knowledge Tomáš Adamec draft: _no timeslot_
Environment, Climate and Energy Guido Körber draft for opening text: _no timeslot_
Finances Sebastian Krone _no draft_ _no timeslot_ (Starting 01./02.04.2023
Free software Tomáš Valenta _no draft_ _no timeslot_
Human Rights in the Digital Age Raman Ojha draft: _no timeslot_
International Affairs Markéta Gregorová draft: timeslots provided to Mab
Net Policy Marcel Kolaja Draft: timeslots provided to Mab
Open Data Alessandro Ciofini _no draft_ Timeslots in Discourse
Preamble Anders Erkeus Dates suggested in Discourse
Regional Development Jan Mareš _no draft_ _no timeslot_
Security & Defense Alexander Kohler Partial draft: _no timeslot_
Social Affairs & Healthcare Andrel Linnenbank _no draft_ _no timeslot_
Space Programme Guido Körber one timeslot suggested in Discourse
Transport Ralf Hagen _no draft_ _no timeslot_

Comment from Alessandro: I have drafts discussed already with a group of Italian pirates:timeslots here
1.2 Next steps

Florie will take care of Transport
Mikulas will take care of “Social Affairs and Healthcare”, and also ensure that the separation of Drug Policy into a separate chapter happens smoothly.

how do we set timeslots for those chapters where no suggestions for time slots have been given? Mab allocates slots for every chapter that hasn't provided suggestion by EOB tomorrow

*2. Council meeting*

2.1 Proposal for membership fees
There's been no meeting with the treasurers of the member parties (as required by the statutes)

Proposal from Alessandro:
“The board agrees that they have no proposal for a new membership fee for 2023, and that a discussion should be opened at the Council”

Yes: Cedric, Alessandro, Jan, Petr, Florie

2.2 Proposal for reporting on the annual accounts of 2022

Alessandro proposal is to table the following as the annual reports from the board

Yes: Alessandro
No: Cedric, Florie
Abstain: Petr, Jan

Result, the board will not present any reporting on the annual accounts

The 2022 budget as approved can be found here:
C: Is it normal to have to click three times to have this information ?

2.3 Proposal for Budget for 2023
Proposal for the Budget 2023:

The board agrees to postpone the vote in async mode but still before the deadline (Sunday 2nd 10.00 CEST is the deadline to send the communication about the decision).

2.4 Orga team
Can we write down all the volunteers for the different roles in the orga chart? Alessandro: any role

3. AOB
Florie : About Twitter.
Jan: Board Nominations

3.x. Report of the Treasurer Sebastian Krone
Technical support
Work on the PPEU wiki
Work on the PPEU website

Treasurer’s business:
Our finances bookings are in the PPEU wiki. The important invoice is uploaded.
I have no receipt or invoice for the 25.00 EUR transferred (PPEU council meeting).

Bank account today: 13.895,22 EUR
PP-FR #2023-9 paid

I have not seen a single bank document since we opened our account with Fio Banka.
Neither the account documents, nor the powers of attorney, nor any account statements.
The only source is the Internet, which stores the bookings only for one year.
My inquiry to Fio Banka was unsuccessful because I am not registered there as treasurer and sole representative of the board. This was obviously the case when the account was opened - but in 2018 I was also the treasurer.

MaB has requested access to the Board's personal email, are there any objections? He already has access to the Board's mailing list.

Proposal for the Budget:

I started the registration work with RCS Luxembourg.

4. Next meeting / schedule
Next meeting: CEST
Meeting closed at 23:37 CEST:

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