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Meeting 6 of the 8th PPEU board 11.9.2023, 18:30 CEST/16:30 UTC Meeting is remote

Members of the Board
C: Mikuláš Peksa
VC: Cédric Levieux
VC: Veronika Murzynová
TR: Alessandro Ciofini
BM: Elísabet Ólafsdóttir
BM: Florian Roussel
BM: Jan Mareš
BM: Mia Utz
BM: Petra Kovačec

Standing invitations
Mattias Bjärnemalm, Pirate Parties Network Officer

Meeting opened at: 18:50
Meeting chaired by: Mikuláš Peksa
Secretary for this meeting: collectively

Participants: Mikuláš Peksa
Florian Roussel
Veronika Murzynová
Cédric Levieux @ 18:55

Alessandro Ciofini
Petra Kovačec
Mia Utz
Elísabet Ólafsdóttir

Not excused:

Mattias Bjärnemalm

0. Formalities 0.1 Election of meeting chair
0.2 Election of meeting Secretary
0.3. Approval of the agenda
0.4. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: insert wiki link here
0.5 Confirmation of any decisions taken in between meetings
0.6 Written reports
1. Decisions without discussions
1.1 Time and place for next board meeting
2. Decisions with discussions

3. Discussions without decisions
3.1 CEEP/CPS ratification process
3.2 Presentation of the CEEP
3.3 Updating and managing the PPEU webpage
3.4 Next Council meetings
3.5 Possible merger of the PPEU mailinglists
3.6 RoP
3.7 Board Pannel
4. Any other business

Discussions in bold cursive are priority discussions and can, if needed, be discussed before point 1 of the agenda

The meeting is scheduled for a maximum of 60 minutes. It can be extended by consensus


0.1 Election of meeting chair

The meeting elected X as meeting chair : Mikuláš Peksa

0.2 Election of meeting Secretary

The meeting elected X as meeting secretary and agreed that we would work collectively on the minutes in the pad: collective

0.3. Approval of the agenda:

Yes: Consensual

0.4. Approval of the minutes of the last meetings

Not enough board members to approve

0.5 Confirmation of any decisions taken in between meetings

Any decisions taken by email, in mattermost or Discourse, or by any other means shall be listed below, including time and place for the decision. They shall be confirmed by a vote of the Board.


0.6 Written reports

Any written reports or other updates that has been submitted before the start of the meeting shall be added here. Verbal reports given during the meeting go under 4.0 (AOB).

Report from Treasurer

Membership fees
1. we do have confirmation for the 2023 PPIS membership fee payment (see
2. I have prepared all new emails to remind all members that still have 2022 membership fees due
3. I have prepared all emails to remind all members that still have 2023 membership fees due
4. All reminds will be sent out this week

PostBank PPEU account
1. I have given the power of attorney to a German Pirate and lawyer, Falk-Peter Hirschel, to explicitely claim a resolution
2. I have ask, on behalf of PPEU, full bank accout statements since the opening, including current balance
3. I have requested the immediate closing of that bank account
4. PostBank never replied to our written letters: if they won't reply within Sept. 21th we will escalate our case to German BaFin in order to obtain an answer
(NOTE: I do remind everyone that we know the existance of this bank account because PostBank wrote a mail at our official mailbox in Luxembourg last April, to communicate us that from July 1st we will have to pay a monthly fee).

PPFR payment
I gave full mandate to our VC Veronika to pay from our FIO Bank account PPFR invoice regarding last Strasbourg's Council Meeting organisation

IT assessement
I asked to Panda to finalise as soon as possible the IT assessement and I assure him that we can spend for 2023 the full amount of money approved at our last Council Meeting for the IT budget (1000 euros), in order to have all services running on behalf of PPEU
But he has to provide an estimation of all needed costs

1. Decisions without discussions

1.1 Time and place for next board meeting

2. Decisions with discussions

3. Discussions without decisions

3.1 CEEP/CPS ratification process

Mab : Didn't hear back from PPEU members. Knows that the process in Sweden is underway and shouldn't lead to any difficulties in the approval. Encourage people to react in the discourse on the following links : |

Mikulasz : the CZ pirate party aims for November to approve the pieces. We should create a table to have an overview of the process of ratification in member parties and their completion.

Veronika : As I was in contact with member parties for the collaboratrive work on the program, I can do this work of ratification process follow-up, helped with mab.

Mab : I'd be happy to help.

Mikuláš : Should we refresh the CEEP on our webpage ?

Mab : Should wait for ratification before publishing it. Depends on what definition people give to “ratification” (= adopted etc…).

Florian : In my understanding it's not adopted until it's ratified, but one could argue that since the Council Meeting approved the CEEP and CPS, it's adopted and its publication would help communication and press releases and campaigns.

Veronika : Agree with mab, as publishing the new CEEP could pressure the ratification process and candidates in member parties.

Mab: I can add a disclaimer to the current webpage that the program there is for the 2019 mandate, and a link to where the program for the next mandate is being prepared.

Mikuláš Peksa : The disclaimer seems like the best option.

3.2 Presentation of the CEEP (on the website)

Covered in the previous point

3.3 Updating and managing the PPEU webpage

Mab : Elisabeth is happy to do it and she needs admin rights. We should discuss in the board before big updates or shifts are made. We should give her complete freedom on the exploration of such work.

Emerodh : I thought she already had admin rights.

Mab : only to the wordpress, she should have back-end admin rights.

Mikuláš Peksa : reach out to panda for this to happen.

Mab : I will prepare a decision online on this matter and get Elizabeth and panda together on this.

3.4 Next Council meetings

Mikuláš Peksa : what do we need to discuss in this next one ?

Mab : We previously did progress on how we want to organize meeting and we put an emphasis on using Discourse more.
Progress was made during the last meeting and we should capitalize on that.

Mikuláš Peksa : We should fine tune the Discourse to make interaction better.

Florian : I will look into it, and ask french pirates (who use discourse a lot) if they would be willing to help reshape the Discourse. But as I wasn't in the CM I don't know what progress was made and should be sanctuarized.

Mab : moved votes to discourse, better understood it etc etc. We should invite the persons who shared the meeting to get their feedback on how to improve.

(Note : should review the mintues as well obv)

3.5 Possible merger of the PPEU mailinglists

Mab : I have a mandate to manage the mailing list. Want to check if anyone has an objection to merging PPEU mailing lists. A lot of them are not used and they are mainly strucutred around policies.

Mikuláš Peksa : Good idea but such a decision should be disputed wrt concerns over the user consent of the managing their emails in such a manner.

Florian : Maybe we can get around this issue by erasing every email in such lists before defining a new set of mailing lists which will be communicated. It circumvents user consent issues.

Mab : I agree, it can clear legacy stuff as well.

Mikuláš Peksa : We might loose contact with some people if we do it this way.

Florian : On another hand Discourse can be used as a mailing system.

Mikuláš Peksa : We should first handle the merging issue and then decide on the migration to Discourse.

Cedric : Discourse can effectively act as a mailing list so I'm not sure if we should still be using mailing lists through SYMPA.

Mab: benefit with a separate mailinglist is that you can have it for organisational emails of the member parties, while Discourse is more tailored for individual accounts.

Mikuláš Peksa : We first need a Discourse vote to merge the existing lists into a bigger one.

3.6 RoP

Florian : . Didn't receive much feedback since it was first drafted. I'd like to make it clearer and simpler but it can be adopted and then refined further.

Mikuláš Peksa : We should put it into the agenda of the next board meeting (Discussion with decisions).

3.7 Board Pannel

Florian : Following our search for a tool to follow tasks, we first decided for Trello but implicitely switched to mattermost when we discovered that it offered that funcitonnality. Here is the link :

Mikuláš Peksa : Should be put into next meeting's “discussion with decisions” so we can have an official switch.

4. AOB

Meeting closed at: 19:51 CE(S)T
Next meeting: Date, XX:XX CE(S)T

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