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Meeting of the PPEU board 17.11.2019, 21:00 CEST

Members of the Board (for use as template)
C: Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ, PP-DE)
VC: Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PP-IS)
VC: Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ)
BM: Gamithra Marga (PP-IS)
BM: Oliver Herzig
BM: Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir (PP-IS)
BM: Florie Marie (PP-FR)
BM: Lukáš Lev Červinka (PP-CZ)
TR: Alessandro Ciofini (PP-IT)

Meeting opened at: 19:14
Meeting chaired by: Mikuláš Peksa
Secretary for this meeting: Alessandro Ciofini & Gamithra Marga
Recording: 19:17 recording started

Participants: Mikuláš Peksa, Oliver Herzig, Gamithra Marga, Markéta Gregorová, Alessandro Ciofini, Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir, Florie Marie (late)
Excused: Lukáš Červinka
Not excused:Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir

Reports of the Board (Board, 20 minutes)
Tasks from the previous meeting (10 minutes)
Distribution of roles and organization of the work (30 minutes)
Any other business (10 minutes)
Organization of the future meetings (15 minutes)

0. Approval of the agenda
YES: Markéta, Exile, Mikuláš, Gamithra, Alessandro

1. Reports of the Board
C: Mikuláš Peksa (PP-CZ, PP-DE) Chair is working with Sven to move on for updating the official registration. With Alessandro, we are also translating and updating all Statutes amendaments.
VC: Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir (PP-IS): Vice Okta is reporting the Milan experience. There are lot of other formalities, not only registration. We should divided all those tasks among us.
VC: Markéta Gregorová (PP-CZ). I also worked on updating stuff, like PP-EU website; and giving access
BM: Gamithra Marga (PP-IS): I have nothing more to add, but I'll follow and figure out what to do and how.
BM: Oliver Herzig It was quite the same for me, I was in German following the PP-DE meetings, it was a very constructive meetings (GA and IK).
BM: Katla Hólm Þórhildardóttir (PP-IS): [not present]
BM: Florie Marie (PP-FR): arrived 19:41
BM: Lukáš Lev Červinka (PP-CZ): [not present]
TR: Alessandro Ciofini (PP-IT): I'm working also to close the unofficial bank account and when eveything will be ready I'll fly to Prague to sign documents for FIO Bank account.

2. Tasks from the previous meeting
GDPR compliance
Domain and payments for them
Budget proposal
Solve the issue of account in the German bank
Naming a secretary, GDPR implementation and documentation of everything tech, media policy, closing German bank account

-1. Implementation of GDPR - mapping of the lack of documentation and/or implementation: A-Z - i.e. DPA, DPIA, documentation of processes, Lists of all data processing as a data processor and as data controller, social media, confinentiality and access controls
-2. Roles and responsibilities: finalise the draft of needed formal and informal roles within the board and the process which we will use to put engagement in.
-3. Media Policy: holistic Strategy based on previous work that breaks down into procedures, processes, protocols and practices to allow for more engagement.

3. Distribution of roles and organization of the work
Working groups:
- Communication & media (Okta): Markéta, Mikuláš, Gamithra
- IT & infrastructure (Mikulas): Mikuláš, Gamithra, Exile, Alessandro
- Projects & administration (Marketa): Markéta, Alessandro, Florie

Communication & media
- communication strategy (30.11.)

IT & infrastructure
- registration
- list of members
- bank accounts
- common communication channel (Motion 2)
- budget proposal
- GDPR compliance

Project administration
- list of relevant elections all over EU
- list of General Assemblies
- European Citizen Initiative to legalise file sharing for private and not commercial use all over European Union (Italian committee has been already registered)
- organize statues update changes

YES: Gamithra, Alessandro, Mikuláš, Markéta,Exile, Oktavía, Florie

4. Any other business:

Tasks for the next meeting:
1. Markéta will update the mailing lists accordingly to the new board.
2. Alessandro will update the list of members, sending fees for 2019 and 2020
3. Chairs of working groups will establish them and get them running.

5. Organization of the future meetings

Chair will set up doodle to organise all futures meeting on a scheduled basis to repeat every two weeks.

Meeting closed at 20:16

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