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Honourable Members of PPEU, fellow Pirates, people at large,

Call for Hosts and Volunteers

The European Pirate Party, also called “European Pirates” is looking for a host of the 1st annual Council Meeting 2015, which should take place during a week-end in June, July, August or September of this year.

According to the statutes art. 14 the Council of PPEU the council “…will meet at least once in a calendar year,…”. This will be the 1st annual PPEU Council Meeting of European Pirates.

We are looking for a location with local volunteers who have an eye for detail and are able to organise and host our main European event. The annual PPEU Council Meeting is a great event to host as it is the main gathering of European Pirates and visitors from all around the world. A grand opportunity to discuss the future of European Pirate Party and meet fellow Pirates to discuss issues at an international level. Hosting the Council Meeting is a great opportunity to showcase your party, your country and generate involvement for the issues close to your heart. Locally, it can help raise awareness about Pirates and help you gain media traction.

A brief overview of the requirements is given below.

The Council Meeting is expected to last for two days, to allow both for in-depth discussion about the future of PPEU and the election of a new board. The two days should be held during a weekend, but other suggestions will be considered by the board.

Depending on the geographic location, this year we expect about 60-150 visitors, such as delegates from our members as well as local guests and visitors from outside Europe.

Additional requirements you as host must fulfil in your bid: * Cost-friendly for visitors to travel to and reside in. Affordable flights, hotels, and alternative accommodation possibilities (couch-surfing, camping, youth hostels, whatever you come up with) should be available. * Room for 150 people max with access for disabled persons. * Streaming capabilities. Audio streaming is a must, video streaming is best * Reliable Internet connectivity for this amount of people * Good transfer connection to city centre (bus/tram/metro) * Free. PPEU, at the moment, doesn't have a budget or even a bank account. Your bid should explain how you are going to finance this.

We also are calling for volunteers to handle the administrative parts. These are, among others: * in advance of the meeting, maintaining and verifying a list of nominated delegates representing the Members. * on site, registering attending delegates, recording the events' minutes, especially the votes. * chairing the proceedings, proposing the rules of procedure for the meeting and * generally speaking, putting forward implementable measures for a fruitful meeting. Bidders for hosting the Meeting are welcome to propose a team of volunteers, since a local team will be needed anyway. Volunteers can also come forward by themselves, preferably in teams. The board will coordinate volunteer's activities.

The timetable of the event should look something like this: * Friday is used for travel, arrival and the pre-registration of most attendees. * Friday evening is the welcome party and social event, usually held in an off-site restaurant or other location. * Saturday morning, formal start of the Meeting, that will go until the middle of the Sunday afternoon, to allow for the return travel of the participants.

The proposal should include: - Details of the conference venue (infrastructure, facilities, Internet connectivity, on-site catering etc.) - A reasonably detailed budget - Information about local community support; core team members, potential local industry and government support (if possible) - Lodging options and overview of airports, railway stations, public transport options etc.

Applications must be sent to the board of PPEU at by the 21st of April at the latest. You may use the template below for answering.

Kind Pirate Greetings,

For the board,

Gilles Bordelais and Anders Kleppe


You can use this template to send in your offer. You can add to or modify the template if you have additional details about your offer.


Date of the conference: (can be a list of alternatives)


Your name: (Pirate Party)


Address of the venue:
Distance and time to the closest train station and airport:
Size of the venue (people, m^2):
Number of chairs and tables available:
Access for disabled persons: Yes/No
Details on the sound equipment:
Details on the video equipment:
Details on the electricity setup:
Details on the Internet setup:
Details on the streaming setup:
Wardrobe: Yes/No
1-2 extra rooms: Yes/No
Possibility to decorate (e.g. flags, posters): Yes/No


Contact data of the project leader: (name), (e-mail address), (telephone number), (JabberID), (SIP address)
Size of the planning team:
Size of the team at the location:


Approx. costs of the conference: (total and summary detail)
Funding possibilities:
Additional funding concepts:


Approx. number of hostels/hotels near venue:
Approx. costs for accommodation for 2-3 days:
Approx. living costs in the city of the venue for the time of the conference:

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