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Minutes of the 1st Board Meeting of PPEU on the 21st of March 2014


Anders Kleppe
Paul Bossu
Radek Pietron
Cristian Bulumac
Martina Pöser
Antonios Motakis
Maxime Rouquet until 22:55
Gilles Bordelais since 22:50


Amelia Andersdotter


Mathias Bjärnemalm

TOP 1 Formal Stuff

Office can stay at Amelia's external office, as the German candidates already offered to take it over just in case.

We need to register the Party in Brussels. Paul Bossu and Cristian Bulumac will organise the registering and get into contact with a notary in Brussels.

Banking account: Paul Bossu and Radek Pietron will take care of getting a banking account after the PPEU got registered.

Membership fees: We will need money to pay the notary and register the party. How will we facilitate this without a banking account? MAB said that it would cost about € 1.200,-. Paul and Radek will take care of the money questions.

Proposal from Anders: Ask the MEPs to handle the money for us until we have our own banking account.

Martina: Will ask Jan in Amelia's Office which parties have paid how much of their membership fee already and then I will tell Radek and Paul (and everyone else).

Membership fees are set for this year (Happened on the Warsaw Conference), but any party which is unable to pay may ask other richer parties to help them out.

TOP 2 Accepting Observer Applications

We will have to have a second Council meeting.

Proposal by MAB: To meet at the same time as the EuroDig in Berlin (6th? Of June 2014)

Proposal by Martina: To have a online Council meeting instead because PPEU (and the parties) don't have the money for the rent of a room right now and for travel reimbursements.

Decision: We are not deciding tonight, but look at the statutes and the Belgian law first to decide how to organise the next Council meeting. We will need to find out, if we need a live meeting or if we can set a deadline for the votes as well. And if we want to have a small physical meeting or an online meeting.

Applying Observer Members so far:

1. Pirate Parties International (PPI)
2. Pirate Party of Portugal (PP-PT)
3. Pirate Party of Bremen (German Federal State)
4. Pirate Party of Northrhine-Westphalia (German Federal State)
5. Pirate Party of Bavaria (German Federal State)
6. Pirate Party of Berlin (German Federal State)

TOP 3 Next Board meeting

Martina sets up a Doodle with several dates and times and sends it around via email.

TOP 4 Social Media / Web Presence

1. Website

What website will we use? We should rather make a new website and try to transfer some of the wiki. But we don't know who has access to the database. Steffen Ortmann doesn't and he also doesn't know who has.

Anders from Amelia's Office has registered and we will ask him and the MEP's to transfer the site to the organisation. Who is preparing this website? Anders Kleppe is finding out which German guys are working on it.

Gilles sets up one site (and all other sites get redirected). We would need a wordpress blog and a wiki?

We talk about it again on the next Board meeting.

2. Twitter-Accounts

@eupirates (Gilles has access to it) with 10.000 followers. Gilles will manage the twitter account.
@europeanpirates (Muriel has access to it)

3. Facebook:

Tony is active there. Yohan started and created a page there. Tony has access to it. We will ask Yohan to hand it over to PPEU, to give the Board Admin access to it. Tony asks Yohan about getting the account and adepting it for PPEU to use.

TOP 5 PR about the Foundation

Gilles sent it to Anders and he received it, but Gilles doesn't know, if he send it out. Cristian will ask Anders, if he has sent it out tomorrow.

We will use the structure of Amelia's office at least until after the elections, because setting up a press team is a shitload of work.

TOP 6 Functions of everyone in the Board

Postponed until Amelia can take part in the next meeting.

End of Board meeting: 23:25

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