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Agenda of the 7th PPEU Board Meeting on the 20th of August 2014


@LunaLoof | Martina Pöser
@tvelocity | Antonios Motakis
@Popol349 | Paul Bossu


@AndersPirat | Anders Kleppe
@teirdes | Amelia Andersdotter
@CristianBulumac | Cristian Bulumac


@Gilles_PPDE | Gilles Bordelais - represented by Paul
@marou_pp | Maxime Rouquet
@Radeks00 | Radek P. - represent by Paul ;)


@mickjosi | macburns | michael john sinclair
@jbesteve | Galileo | Juan Bautista Esteve Ramos

TOP 0 Formalities

Martina is opening the meeting at 21:40 CEST.

Chairwoman: @LunaLoof | Martina Pöser

Minutes (Secretary): all together

Approval of the minutes of the last Board meeting

Approval of the agenda


TOP 1 Banking account
TOP 2 Registering the party
TOP 3 Activating the Council / Next Council Meeting
TOP 4 Communication Strategy
TOP 5 Procedural Rules for the Board
TOP 6 Other Stuff
TOP 7 Next Board Meeting

Approved??? Postponed, except for the information on the banking account. But then we discussed many of the topics anyway! ;-)

TOP 1 Banking account

Radek is tasked with opening the bank account at Triodos. Will coordinate his next visit in Brussels with Paul.

@Radek: Did you already open a bank account by now?

Paul and Gilles filled in the forms today.

Paul asked about a banking account with Triodos and we could get one, but we could only access our money there, after we are registerecd as an aisbl. Gilles and Paul talked about it, and decided that we could start like that and would be able to get membership fees already and get loans on our banking account data. Paul will ask, if we could get our money back in case we will be unable to register as an aisbl at all.

When starting the banking account, we can choose a limit for how much money one person alone may access. It was agreed that 500 € would be a good limit. Radek, Gilles and Paul will have access to the account in general. We could choose a fourth person, if we like and need.

*Managing of cash in Brussels by Cristian?

TOP 2 Registering the party

Topic is postponed.

*Decision from the Board meeting: Gilles with the help of Anders will work on registering PPEU.

How is it coming?

Anders: The only actual option for PPEU is to register an AISBL simply because PPEU is an international organization and aspire to become a EU recognised official political party. These are two different concepts. According to laws and procedures in Belgium, we might need to change statutes in order to register both entities. PPEU as an organizational operational unit is one option. As such, PPEU might open branches in several locations around Europe, with PPEU in Belgium as PPEU HQ. It is also possible, according to the information I have gathered, to use Julia's office as an operational formal body for PPEU.

To me it seems this can be done with the statutes as they are today, but a notary is needed every time statutes are changed after each GA.

Changes of board members does not require a notary and is a very simple process. A General Secretary is an absolute requirement for registering as an AISBL. As far as I can see there's nothing stopping the board to appoint one in the current statutes.

Board decision: Gilles will be the Secretary General for the AISBL, who is then allowed to do all the stuff concerning the registering process and other formal stuff that needs to be done with the Belgium authorities on behalf of the Board.

The Secretary General of an AISBL is the person in charge of administrative stuff, but takes no decision on behalf of the Board or the Council. Therefore the Board of the PPEU does not need to organise a meeting of the Council or something else and only appoints the person who will effectively take in execute the concerned administrative decisions taken by the Board.

Did you find a notary? Did you start the registering process as aisbl?

:Gilles is now starting again from scratch, with Anders' help.

Paul say : allis in the pad, why starting from scratch ?? we need translation to a belgian offical languages of the statutes and money to register and pay notary !

How is the translation of the statutes coming? Maxime hasn't send the part of the translation that he's done already via email to the Board.

Martina proposes: We try to employ the help of TTF with the translation (and any other motivated French speaking person) starting from scratch, as Maxime didn't answer my email and hasn't send his work in yet. So to not loose any more time, I suggest to let the TFF (and anyone else willing) start from scratch with a French translation. I would be willing to try to rope people in. Maxime finished about 1/3 of the translation, but is going on a holiday now. He hasn't send the finished part of the translation around yet. He is also unsure, which version of the statutes he knows of is the final version.

We still need a link to the translated statutes

Official version of the statutes in English:

Pad for the translation:

We also need the personal details of everyone on the board:

List of members is finished:

HOW-TO AISBL with work from Cristian and Paul here:

Paul will help Gilles for all the administrative stuff : notaris, mionistry, tribunal, .. Maxime and Gilles will look to the translation

TOP 3 Activating the Council / Next Council Meeting

*Martina has written to all member parties and asked for names and email-adresses of their delegates.

PP-Poland and PP-GR are in the process of electing new delegates and will give Martina the information as soon as they have chosen them. Martina will write to the missing PPs once more and there is sadly still some answers missing. But the list gets better. Martina suggests to hand the known and confirmed information already over to Jens Stomber, so that he can set up the Council with those delegates that we already know of. Martina offers to do so, as she is maintaining the list.

*Here is an incomplete and not for sure list of the Council members at the Founding meeting of PPEU: (And it doesn't have email-adresses)

*As the Board could also ask for a Council meeting we should also have this information and be able to join the ml of the Council (at least with reading access). Martina will ask Jens Stomber to add all Board members to the Council mailing list.

*We also need the list of delegates from the founding meeting to add to the minutes of that meeting. This seems to be missing and it might become a problem when we try to register the party. So Martina tries to at least get theinformation together who has been a delegate at the founding for which party, as the registry went missing.

TOP 4 Communication Strategy

A meeting was called by Cristian and held on Mumble on 16th April, with one more planned for 24th April. Cristian will write to all PPs members of PPEU asking them to provide a person that guided by Anders (PPEU board member) will provide the answers that will help in having a strategy. Cristian: I have now access and manager rights on both PPEU pages on FB.

Next steps:

*What was decided and talked about on the last meeting? Anything new? A concept?

*Board decision: We ask Cristian to tell us about the state of things with the admin rights of the website and the website itself. Antonios is taking charge and can help him on technical side if needed.

*What kind of postings should be officially done via our social media accounts? Do we need some quality control or review process? There have been irritations because of a fb-posting on the Palestine-conflict.

→ As we don't have full control, we can only charge in after the fact and do some quality control after the fact. But this willl hopefully work effectively.

* needs to be revamped urgently. The contact email adress needs to be changed and we will need the manifesto and not or at least not alone and without a disclaimer explaining it, the CEEP on it. Who is willing to do this or help?

*We should also set up a new wiki linked to and move some of the content from the there. Could we use a media wiki then please (asks Martina) because it is prettier and easier to use. But then we would need a syntax-translator for the move from the old wiki to the new of the content there, because the is a doku wiki.

Proposal : this subject is postponed until the next Board meeting, after Julia's office is set up and people working around there are available to give a hand for PPEU communication.

* there is a sub-reddit for the European Pirates: (made by Flow, who contacted Cristian Bulumac via Twitter, no reaction so far from him)

TOP 5 Procedural Rules for the Board

*Draft: Martina, Anders and Maxime have worked hard on it and hope that it finds the approval of all Board members now. Any proposals for a change?

* Adding consensus

Proposal: add the following paragraph at the end of chapter § 6 Meeting minutes:

The votes of each Board member for every decision are written in the minutes. However, when no Board members present disagrees on a decision, the minutes simply give the Board decision.

Shorter alternative:

The votes of each Board member for every decision are written in the minutes, unless no Board members present disagree on the decision.

Other alternative:

The decisions of the Board are taken by unanimity/consensus, unless Board members disagrees. In the following case, the detail of the Board member votes is written in the minutes.

Martina and Maxime also suggest to study again the quotas needed to take Board decisions, before adopting it. It was written believing almost all Board members would attend Board meetings, but it has not been the case lately.

The Board must choose between two options : having a low quota required, with the risks of decisions taken by a low number of Board members, or having a high quota required, with the risks of being impossible to take decisions, if too many Board members do not attend the meetings.

Anders and Martina will set up a meeting to discuss the RoP once more. This hasn't taken place yet, because Martina was very busy at her work place and just couldn't find the time. Martina proposes to postpone this topic once more therefore and arrange a new meeting with Anders.

TOP 6 Other Stuff

*Martina: Could we install an e-voting system like PPI did? Does anyone know how that one works and what it is supposed to do? Galileo(SP): Agora Voting We can help from spain with that one. It is prepared for general voting and has implemented Liquid Democracy inside.

*Event about TTIP from the Spanish Pirates on the 1st of Septembre 2014:

TOP 7 Next Board Meeting

* PPEU Board meetings will take place on the 5th and the 20th of every month.

Paul suggested to use a tool to keep track of tasks and the state of things. For the time being this could be a pad. Pad:

The Board will convene again on the 05/09/2014 at 21.00 CEST on the German NRW Mumble server in room PPEU.

Martina closes the meeting at 22:37 CEST on the 20/08/2014.

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