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Agenda of the PPEU Board Meeting on the 23th of March 2015


@marou_pp | Maxime Rouquet
@AndersPirat | Anders Kleppe
@Gilles_PPDE | Gilles Bordelais
@popol349 | Paul Bossu
@teirdes | Amelia Andersdotter
@tvelocity | Antonios Motakis
from 22:23 CET


Reminder : @CristianBulumac (Cristian Bulumac) has resigned.


@LunaLoof | Martina Pöser
@Radeks00 | Radek P. - I'm traveling by train till midnight so I won't have possibility to participate. I will respond to emails and take part again in all discussions from Thursday. My point is still the same - meeting offline - afk, registering party offically as fast as possible. ;)


@Thomas1G | Thomas Gaul
@BastianBB | BastianBB
@eghuro | Alex Mansurov
@vonpecka | Mikuláš Peksa
@Exile70860000 | Oliver Herzig
@Dichter | Gregory Engels
@ZombBi | Jens Stomber
@_fl01 | flo

TOP 0 Formalities

Maxime is opening the meeting at 22:15 CET.

Chairperson: Gilles

Minutes (Secretary): Anders and Maxime

Approval of the minutes of the last Board meeting:

* Board meeting on the 15th of December 2014 :

→ Approved? The minutes have just been put in the wiki. The vote on their approval is postponed until the next meeting.



TOP 1 Online or offline ?
TOP 2 Date
TOP 3 Location
TOP 4 Administrative requirements
TOP 5 Organisation committee (management of paperwork)
TOP 6 Board TODO-list for the meeting
TOP 7 Proposals to Council meeting agenda
TOP 8 Other items
TOP 9 Next Board meeting

Approved? The Board approved the agenda.

TOP 1 Online or offline ?

* Meeting may be in person or online. If the Council meeting is in person, remote participation of non-attending members shall be possible. (Statutes, §14)

Each Board member is asked for his/her point of view.

* Anders has given clearly his view in e-mail. He would go for an offline meeting because it is important that PPEU members meet up to put PPEU back on the right tracks. He proposes to make a call for offers from our members.

* Gilles is for a feasible solution. It does not matter if it is online or offline. It would be a good news that a venue is proposed for an offline meeting, easily accessible. About online meeting it might be necessary to clear how accreditation and votes would be handled.

* Maxime : Online event is preferred if we wanted the Council meeting to happen soon, because it needs time in advance to bring all members of the Council to one geographical location. Arguing for an online meeting first if we have important decision to take for the future of PPEU (like whether the Council still wants the Board to register as an AISBL and open a bank accouant), and then another Council meeting, AFK this time, later in the year with usual formal stuff (election of a new board).

* Paul : Offline/online doesn't matter. Venues may be available in Brussels (at pyramide, occupied building). To make different afk meeting point like cezch republic , brussel, … can reduce the cost (mix of online and offline) .

* Amelia : Link issues.

* Tony : Most important to have a meeting as soon as possible. Offline meeting is preferred.

* Radek's opinion on the matter is stated in the beginning of the minutes. Offline meeting.

Gilles notes that every Board member would agree with an offline meeting. It would therefore be an important meeting (decision on future of PPEU, renewal of the Board, etc.) and we would in such case need some time to organise it. Probably sometime this summer.

Gilles' proposal is agreed upon.

TOP 2 Date

* The Board will prepare the meetings and invite all members by email at least one month before the date of the Council meeting. In urgent cases this time may be shortened to an appropriate length. (Statutes, §14)

* Proposals [of changes to the Statutes] must be presented in writing by any means (electronic, paper or otherwise) to the Board which will transmit them to the Members of the Council for deliberation at least four weeks prior to the meeting at which the Council will deliberate and decide on those proposals. The proposed amendments to the Articles of Association must be attached to the notice calling the meeting of the Council. A reference to a website displaying the proposed changes of the Statutes would also be sufficient. (Statutes, §25)

* Any changes to the Pirate Manifesto will be following the same procedure as those to the Statutes. (Statutes, §26)

⇒ In case some Members want to submit proposals of changes to the Statutes, we therefore need to send a call for such changes in advance to be ready to these proposals 4 weeks in advance with the notice calling the meeting.

TOP 3 Location

We need a location that is easily reachable from all over Europe, and that could offer streaming of the event. Some upcoming pirate event, or possible places, are evoked. The Board will send a call for offers.

The requirements for the location are :

* Cost-friendly for council members to travel (city with low cost companies) to and reside (plenty couchsurfing possibilities) * Room for 150 people max with access for disabled persons. * Streaming capabilities. Audio good, video best (good fast and reliable Internet connection) * good transfer connection to city center (bus/tram/metro) * free. We cant' pay for it. We don't have a budget. Members of the PPI Board suggest to inspire from (copy) their call for hosts :

Anders will draft the call for offers and Gilles will put it online.

* The deadline for sending in the offers is 21 April 2015. * The conference should take place during the week-end some time in June, July, August or September 2015.

TOP 4 Administrative requirements

* The invitation to the Council meeting has to specify date, time, place and the draft agenda of the meeting. A link to a website with the agenda in the invitation shall be sufficient and necessary. (Statutes, §14)

* The meeting may legitimately consider items not announced on the agenda, provided that all members of the Council are present and/or represented and so agree at the meeting by a simple majority vote. of all the voting Ordinary Members. (Statutes, §14)

–> it is likely that this condition (ALL members agreeing to add a new point) won't be met, which makes it all the more important to have a good agenda beforehand. Maxime suggests calling on the members to suggests points to the agenda. Gilles suggests doing this with the invitation.

* Counter-proposals directly related to items on the agenda shall be published on the website containing the agenda and send by email to all Members preferably one week in advance of the meeting, but the meeting may also adopt proposals handed in until the voting by a simple majority vote of all the voting Ordinary members. If they have been handed in a week in advance of the meeting, they are automatically admitted. (Statutes, §14)

* Minutes of all Council meetings will be published on an appropriate website of the Association at the latest six weeks after a Council meeting.The minutes shall entail all decisions of the Council and the votes of each Ordinary member, the Pirate Group in the European Parliament and the Young Pirates of Europe (YPE). (Statutes, §14)

TOP 5 Organising committee (management of paperwork)

* We need a team to handle invitations, accreditations, nominations by members, etc.

* Two suggestions occur. One to include Organising Committee as a task for the host and another to split the responsibility in two different calls.

* The Call for Hosts will include a Call for Volunteers for the organising committee. These don't necessarily have to be the same people or from the same party.

These issues is to be put in the same Call for Hosts request as in previous TOPs.

TOP 6 Board TODO-list for the meeting

* Report about our year, especially why the AISBL hasn't been registered with all arguments that led to the decision.

* Call for a vote of the council on this topic

TOP 7 Proposals to Council meeting agenda

* Items left from the 2014 Brussels meeting (like the admission of observing members)

* Deciding whether the PPEU should or not register as an AISBL and open a bank account now (shorter : more administrative work, is it useful/needed ?)

Anders : In order to get funding in and out of PPEU these details are absolute requirements.

TOP 8 Other items

* We may suggest the rules of procedures draft to the council for validation.

TOP 9 Next Board Meeting

The Board will convene again on the 2015/April/6th or 13th at 21.00 CEST on the German NRW Mumble server in room PPEU.

The decision will be taken by a vote on doodle. The doodle will be sent by Maxime. The ending time to vote on the date is Wednesday evening at 23:59.

Gilles closes the meeting at 23:58 CET on the 2015/03/23

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