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@marou_pp | Maxime Rouquet Max
@Gilles_PPDE | Gilles Bordelais Gil
@tvelocity | Antonios Motakis Tony
@Popol349 | Paul Bossu Pol
@AndersPirat | Anders Kleppe


@LunaLoof | Martina Pöser
@teirdes | Amelia Andersdotter (resigned)
@CristianBulumac | Cristian Bulumac (resigned)


@Radeks00 | Radek P. (Announced 30 minutes late)


@Thomas1G | Thomas Gaul PP-DE
@vonpecka | Mikuláš Peksa
@BastianBB| Bastian PP-DE

TOP 0 Formalities

Maxime is opening the meeting at 21:14 CEST.

Chairperson: Paul

Minutes (Secretary): All 4 Board members present

Approval of the minutes of the last Board meeting:

Here are the minutes from the Board meeting of April the 27th:

The Board approves the minutes of the last meeting.

Approval of the agenda:

The Board approves the agenda.


TOP 1 Update on Council and other meetings
TOP 2 Board TODO-list for the meeting
TOP 3 Proposals to Council meeting agenda
TOP 4 Approval process of the Council meeting agenda
TOP 5 Timeline of Statutes requirements
TOP 6 Other items
TOP 7 Next Board meeting

TOP 1 Update on Council and other meetings

The call is here:

* About Pirate Con Marianske lazne (PPCZ) meeting
Gil : It's gonna be an unofficial meeting, without Board elections. They are going to prepare the July council meeting. We expect some input from the Czech.

* Date of the Council meeting : July 17-18th
Gil : The final text of the inivitation is still a work in progress, but may be finished and sent by the end of this week.
Pol : whats the last deadline for sending invitation and other 'official' things (respect of the statute ) → this is indicated on TOP 5.ok thank you

* Other details

TOP 2 Board TODO-list for the meeting

* Report about our year, especially why the AISBL hasn't been registered with all arguments that led to the decision.

* IT → Gilles
* Financial → Radek, Paul & Gilles Paul : we should mention it was complicated to chose between an ethical bank and a commercial one. While the later would be more effective, the first was the only choice for many Board members.
* AISBL → Maybe each Board member
* AISBL decision timeline (for Board report) → Anders, Maxime, Paul
* AISBL registration pros and cons (for Council vote) → Gilles, Tony, Paul For the AISBL points at least, it is proposed to organise dedicated meetings with less Board members.

Gilles will create a doodle to determine who is available and when in the upcoming evenings. Then we will organise small working meetings on common subjects of the available people.

* Call for a vote of the council on the AISBL topic.
→ postponed until the report is at least drafted.

Invitation text, draft by Anders, then Gilles.

TOP 3 Proposals to Council meeting agenda

* Board Elections
* Statutes / Manifesto - proposed changes
* Items left from the 2014 Brussels meeting
Maxime : only the admission of observing members has been postponed from the 2014 Founding conference (see at the end). We shall add the 2014 applications to the new ones for the vote.
Paul : Has Mab, Martina or Muriel got the list of 2014 applying Observer Members ?
Gilles : Mab has the documents.
Paul will contact Mab to get this list.
* Deciding whether the PPEU should or not register as an AISBL and open a bank account now (shorter : more administrative work, is it useful/needed ?)
→ Already covered in the previous topic.

TOP 4 Approval process of the Council meeting agenda

Tony : it depends on the timeline. We need the deadline.

TOP 5 Timeline of Statutes requirements

As soon as possible

* Keep a list of the members in Brussels' “PPEU office”
→ Gilles will print this information and store it at PPEU's office : * Request accounts and election results from PPEU members
→ Paul : let's make a form with all the data we need from each party Statutes : Ordinary members have the obligation 'to send their yearly accounts and election results to the Association or a link to them, if they are published accessable for everyone online'.
* Prepare and send a call for new members of the PPEU (No deadline is proposed, applications should be accepted until last moment but we could recommend them to be sent in advance ?)
→ It is suggested to contact Pirate Times and to send a call for new members on social networks. Maxime : make a public link to a form for application (we propose to publish the list of pirate parties who are candidates for the independance day)
* Determine voting powers Gilles will add to the invitation to the meeting a sentence asking the members who would pretend to a voting power different than 1 that they should get us the relevant data and proofs to check their computation.
* Establish and adopt 2014 yearly accounts and 2015 budget, and submit it to approval For the time being there has been no expense and no income. So 2014 will be easy. it's not much, we will ask Radek

At least 1 month before the meeting (= before June 17th)

* Close nominations for Board positions
* Send invitation to all members to the meeting

At least four weeks before the meeting (= at least Saturday June 20th)

* Send proposals of changes of the Statutes and Pirate Manifesto to all Members

At least two weeks before the meeting (= at least Saturday July 4th)

* Communicate the accounts and budget to the members of the Council for inspection
* (Optional) Send a list of membership applications

One week before the meeting (= Saturday July 11th)

* Dress a list of the counter-proposals sent. They are automatically submitted to the meeting.

During the meeting

* Distribute a list outlining the membership fees situation
* Accept resignation of all parties not having paid their fees
* Adoption of the Rules of Procedure of the Council meeting
* Vote on late counter-proposals to the agenda (submitted in the last 7 days)
* Approval of the budget, reports and accounts
* Adoption and changes to the Statutes of the Association and Manifesto

Whithin 15 days after the Council Meeting (= Saturday August 1st)

* Send a registered letter to any suspended or excluded member

At the latest 6 weeks after (= Saturday August 29th)

* Publish the Council meeting minutes

TOP 6 Other Items

TOP 7 Next Board meeting

The Board will convene again on the 2015/05/25 at 21.00 CEST on the German NRW Mumble server in room PPEU.

Paul closes the meeting at 22:17 CEST on the 2015/05/11

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