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TOP 0 Formalities

Maxime is opening the meeting at 21:16 CEST.

Chairperson: Gilles

Minutes (Secretary): Maxime and Tony

Approval of the minutes of the last Board meeting:

Here are the minutes from the Board meeting of May the 11th (who had formatting issues) : → The Board approves the minutes of this meeting.

The minutes of last Board meeting of May 25th were not put in the wiki : → Gilles will put these minutes into the wiki. → The Board postpones the vote on these minutes.

Approval of the agenda:

The Board approves the agenda.


TOP 1 Update on Council and other meetings TOP 2 Board TODO-list for the meeting TOP 3 Proposals to Council meeting agenda TOP 4 Other items TOP 5 Next Board meeting

TOP 1 Update on Council and other meetings

* Deadlines upcoming :Deadlines for Statute amendments and Board elections candidature will be reached soon. We should remind our members of these facts. The texts can be amended after the deadlines, but no new candidature and no new Statute amendment will be accepted after these deadlines are passed.

A short reminder will be sent by Tony to the following mailing-lists : pp-eu@… pp-eu.council@

Tony will issue the reminder to the known PPEU and international mailing lists.

Tony will also update the board candidates page to clarify that members should include proof of them nomimating their board candidates.

* PP-CZ request for an invoice

The board decides to ask Radek whether he can draft an invoice/payment request for members.

details are explained here

: Mab is waiting for the registrations to confirm the amount of people we will need to fit in the venue. He has not reported any problems.

TOP 2 Board TODO-list for the meeting

Reminder: * Report about our year, especially why the AISBL hasn't been registered with all arguments that led to the decision.

* Maxime has compiled the AISBL decision timeline:

* Financial situation details will change now that we have opened a bank account. * Gilles will complete the IT bit later * We need to clarify whether the Triodos account can be guaranteed to be under the control fo PPEU (the organization) in any event, or if it functions like a private account.

: We need to send on July 4th detailed accounts and budget for past and current year. 2014 we need to check with the Founding meeting organisation team if money has been paid, and how much has been spent for the founding meeting. We will also need to prepare the budget for 2015. We propose to close the accounts on the last day of June.

: We need to check if receivables need to be reported in the financial statement, even if they have not been collected yet.

: Radek and Gilles will prepare a detailed budget and account.

TOP 3 Proposals to Council meeting agenda

* Debate on the future of the organisation based on where there are already arguments in favour of AISBL registration, Paul will add arguments against registration, and Maxime will format it on the wiki.

* Board Elections

* Statutes / Manifesto - proposed changes : We are waiting for the proposals and candidates from the member organizations. : the board will exchange per email until 15th June and Tony will what is agreed upon as Board proposal on the website : Tony would like to draft a statutes change proposal to enable the council to take decisions between meetings asynchronously : tony and Gilles will work an statutes changes this week

* Items left from the 2014 Brussels meeting (Observer Members) : Gilles will contact Mab and he will give us this list.

* Travel reimbursements for delegates (additionaly to travel reimbursement through the visitors' group)

TOP 4 Other Items

* Place of the council meeting will probably be the Byrrhamide (12 Avenue Ariane, 1200 Bxl )

TOP 5 Next Board meeting

The Board will convene again on the 2015/06/22 at 21.00 CEST on the German NRW Mumble server in room PPEU.

Gilles closes the meeting at 22:30 CEST on the 2015/06/08

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