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# 3rd meeting of PPEU board 2015-2016

Meeting started at 2000 CEST

Attendees: Mikuláš, Smári, Mab, Muriel



Last meeting pad :

Statues + online meeting

- published, couple of comments

- next week shall be sended updates on statues proposal - > rather postopone the online meeting

Decision: online Council council meeting shall start at the 12th of October

System for online meeting - wasa2il - used in PP-IS - allows discussion and voting - period for discussion of proposals

Decision: the board shall have access to the online platform this weekend to be able to test it before the meeting. Smari will be given the credentials to the server by Tony and ensure that the platform is up by the end of the week.

Bank account

- needs official registration


  1. needs statues change

Content on web page

  1. WE NEED MORE !!!
  2. do not hesitate to put content on web page
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